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Lexcel 2019 - another success story!

 December 2019 |  Alice O'Reilly

Lexcel is the Law Society’s independently assessed standard for excellence in client care and practice management. Fullers Family Law has yet again been awarded Lexcel accreditation for another year.

This award evidences the company's attention to client care and service, our competent management within the company and our progressive approach to family law.

It helps us ensure that we provide the best possible service to our clients and a well run positive working environment for our staff. At our annual audit in 2019 the Lexcel independent assessor stated:  

"The assessor can confirm that the 2019 Lexcel review for Fullers Family Law was extremely positive with the firm showing its continued commitment to the Lexcel standard and to improving performance in general. In the assessor’s opinion the firm is consistent in every area of the Standard and many of their quality management procedures are above and beyond what she has seen in other firms.

Fullers Family Law has a great reputation borne out of its in-house legal expertise and the skill set of those people in non-lawyer roles and as such clients can feel confident that they are dealing with a quality firm who will always have their best interests at heart."

Gayle Audley, Lexcel Assessor

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