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Flexible fee structures

We offer a range of different fee structures to suit our clients.

This enables clients to instruct us according to their budget. Our fee structure options are sufficiently flexible to enable clients to choose as and when they instruct us. Whether this is on our pay-as-you-go scheme, or to retain us throughout their case on an hourly rate basis.

We also offer capped and fixed fees. All the payment schemes on offer and whether they are appropriate to your problem and needs will be discussed with you at your initial free consultation.

Our aim is to be as transparent as possible in relation to our fees.


You may feel that you need help from a solicitor, but just want some limited advice to begin with. Alternatively, you may be concerned that you cannot afford to have a solicitor representing you for the whole case and are worried about the cost of legal work racking up. 

Under a “pay-as you-go” arrangement, our clients choose when they need to come and see us for face to face advice and pay for the meeting.

Any correspondence or legal work is then addressed by the client themselves, until our further advice is sought by way of a face to face meeting. If a client who has been taking advantage of our pay-as-you- go scheme wishes us to represent them at court or draft a document for them, an alternative fee structure would be agreed.

Should you at any time feel you require greater representation but with the same solicitor, we can review the fee structure applied to your matter.

The main advantage of the pay-as-you-go scheme is that you are in control of the costs of your solicitor's fees as these are only incurred as and when you have a face to face meeting with us, arranged at your convenience when you have the money. 

The fee for a 1 hour pay-as-you-go appointment is £300 including VAT payable in advance of the meeting.

If the meeting takes place on Zoom, we will provide you with a free recording so that you can go over the advice again afterwards as often as you want. This way you can concentrate on asking the right questions rather than having to make notes.

We are so confident in our services that we provide a full no questions asked money-back guarantee on your first pay-as-you-go meeting with us. A full refund will be given to you if you are not happy with the outcome of the first meeting, providing that you contact us within 21 days of the meeting date to request a refund.


We can discuss a fixed-fee arrangement for a number of different issues such as representation at court, drafting of a document, reviewing a document and advising upon it for a set agreed fee.

All our fixed-fees are payable in advance of the work taking place.

The main advantage of fixed-fees is that the fee cannot be changed and you will know exactly what the agreed fee covers and what our obligations to you are before you instruct us.

Our fixed-fee for divorce is £500 plus VAT if you are the applicant (or applicant 1 in a joint application) and £300 plus VAT if you are the respondent (or applicant 2 in a joint application).

If you are commencing the divorce proceedings, there will be additional costs of court fees totalling £593 and any other necessary disbursements.


Capped-fees are suitable for stages in court proceedings, representation at court or negotiating an agreement.

Our capped-fees are either payable in advance, or we would require a payment on account to commence work depending on the nature of the work covered by this arrangement.

Where a capped-fee is agreed, you are charged at the fee earner’s normal hourly rate, up to the amount of the cap agreed.

The main advantage of a capped-fee is that you know exactly what the maximum fee payable will be (the cap) but it may be less than the figure agreed.

Hourly rates...

This is the traditional method of instructing a solicitor, whereby the solicitor keeps a record of the time expended on your matter and you are charged according to their hourly rate.

This rate will vary depending on whether you are instructing a director or a paralegal to carry out the work on your behalf.

Our rates range between £130 and up to Martin Fuller's rate of £500 plus VAT per hour. Bills are raised on a monthly basis in order to assist clients with budgeting for their case and avoiding large bills at the end of the case.

The main advantage of paying for full representation is that all work is carried out by your solicitor, providing you with full support as your matter progresses.

For further information on any of the above fee schemes, please contact us on the above numbers, or alternatively book a free callback with us here.

Government Mediation Voucher Scheme

We are a part of the government's free mediation voucher scheme which contributes £500 towards the cost of mediation. To find out more about the scheme and to apply, please visit -

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