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Court – the last resort?

 July 2018 |  Jane-Louise Burrows

In any case involving a family the initial focus is on resolving matters amicably.

This helps to maintain both parties self esteem and build or sustain relationships in which co-parenting is possible.

Sometimes an application to the court is necessary. Usually because one party is unwilling to negotiate, or refuses to provide information which is required for a financial settlement to be achieved.

In such matters we will advise about issuing a court application.

You will then benefit from the court setting a timetable to progress negotiations and managing the information and documents which are to be produced. Court proceedings are often viewed as an aggressive step. In fact the courts assistance can be invaluable in a resolving a stalemate and restarting negotiations.

Negotiations may continue in parallel, and often an agreement is reached without the need to progress to a final hearing. A consent order can then be submitted to the court for approval and the application discontinued.

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