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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Stacey-Anne for all of your expert advice and guidance during this difficult time you have been professional and informative all of the way through and have made the whole process easier for me. Any recommendations I can give for you to promote how well you have handled my case please let me know how best to do this.”

B359/2, Nov 2016

“My solicitor has been absolutely brilliant. She’s very good at her job and always went above and beyond for me. I had 3 solicitors during my time at Fullers. She was very good at court and I am pleased with how she represented me and the outcome I got.”

P122/2, Nov 2016

“Since my conflict management meeting with Martin I have become more confident about which direction I am heading. Martin is a very good speaker and I am extremely grateful for his help. I hope things will become clearer after my next session but trust Martin to guide me.”

C285/3, Oct 2016

“I found my conflict management meeting with Martin very useful. He has helped me to see things from a different viewpoint. It will be interesting to see how I will put his advice into practice. I would rate the meeting 8 or 9/10.”

S163/2, Oct 2016

“Mr Fuller’s slightly unorthodox approach was a breath of fresh air. I came away from the meeting feeling enlightened and empowered and with a 3rd view point. The meeting was not what I expected but was definitely value for money. It was extremely helpful and I came away with a lot of food for thought. Martin was a genuinely decent guy and I would not hesitate in going back to Fullers should I find myself in that situation. On the whole I would rate the meeting 9.5/10 and would recommend to anyone.”

T138/1, Sep 2016

“I wasn’t sure what to expect in my conflict management meeting with Mr Fuller. I found it extremely positive and useful, it’s given me a good grasp of where to go next. He was a nice guy to talk to and I have come out of the meeting feeling much more positive.”

M291/1, Sep 2016

“My initial consultation with Mr Fuller was a positive experience. He listened to my concerns and advised me based on a wealth of experience. I feel as though he had a genuine understanding of my situation and advised me to come back when things had settled down. I would recommend him to anyone in the same position.”

Milton Keynes, Aug 2016

“I would like to write two testimonials regarding Fullers. Firstly for the weekend contact advice: So reassuring knowing that a weekend service is available. Such prompt response and fantastic advice at awkward times. I've used Fullers before, and would recommend them to everyone. Secondly about Stacey-Anne Bishop: Stacey has been fantastic, very reassuring and friendly and got results very very quickly. I can't thank her enough.”

B375/1, Aug 2016

“Martin gave me really great and comforting advice. He advised me to come back when I am in a better mind-set which was really refreshing as it didn’t make me feel as though he was after my money. I know that Martin will be there when I do need legal help and I am really grateful to have been able to speak to him.”

Free consultation, Jun 2016

“I’m so glad I attended the conflict management meeting with Martin Fuller. He helped me look at the situation from a different approach and made me realise it’s important to put forward what I wanted. The session has helped me to negotiate better with my husband and I feel a lot more calmer about the legal proceedings and moving forwards. I don’t only feel as though I received legal support from Martin but emotional support as well. I would definitely recommend the conflict management meeting to anyone in the same position as myself.”

C219/1, Jun 2016

“After having been stuck in a very tricky situation for around 6 years, 2 solicitors from different Northampton based law practices had basically told me that as a non resident father I had little or no rights and I was caught between a rock and a hard place. After meeting with you in our first "Conflict resolution" it was clear you have dealt with people in my situation before. I left that meeting with a positive feeling of confidence and hope that I could communicate with my ex girlfriend in a manner that would make the situation fairer for me. After putting into practice the advice you gave me I was surprised at how much control I had over the situation and how my actions really eased tensions between us. A couple of months down the line now and I am very happy with the outcome, I just wish I had met with you years ago! I'm sure I will require your services in the future and I would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend.”

E43/1, May 2016

“We both got something out of the conflict management meeting with Martin and are now putting into practice what he advised. We really enjoyed the session and hope it will improve our situation. We will be going back to Martin if we need any more advice.”

S295/1, May 2016

“We were both greatly impressed by your rapid grasp of the situation and lovely way you dealt with the E-form review and answers to our questions. Also the courteous, friendly and helpful way we were treated from the moment we first made contact with your practice. A real pleasure to meet you. I shall see solicitors in a different light from hereon – such a refreshing change from my previous experiences of them. Many thanks once again.”

Mr H, May 2016

“I had a free consultation with Martin Fuller and would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice. I previously spoke with a solicitor from a different firm who was not helpful at all, however, Martin was understanding, straight to the point and gave me the advice I needed which I found extremely helpful. His approach was not forceful and I did not feel as though he was just trying to make money. I will definitely be going back to Fullers when I need the help of a solicitor.”

Free Consultation, May 2016

“I had a free consultation with Martin today and he was absolutely fantastic. He gave me all the information I needed to know to help me move forward in a positive direction. As soon as I feel I need the involvement of a solicitor I will 100% be back in contact with Fullers.”

Free Consultation, May 2016

“I couldn’t fault the service I received from my solicitor, she was impeccable. She was very on the ball at responding and put mechanisms in place for me to be able to speak with an alternative solicitor on the days that she didn’t work. She was very understanding of my situation and I feel that with her help I obtained the outcome that I had hoped for.”

M228/2, May 2016

“Martin was very to the point and told me exactly what I needed to know. He was very pleasant to talk to and filled me with confidence about how to progress my situation.”

Free consultation, Apr 2016

“Martin suggested an unorthodox approach that has really helped my situation. He had full understanding of my situation and gave great advice. The communication was very prompt and I am very satisfied with the overall service.”

B227/1, Apr 2016

“I found Martin (Fuller's Family Law service ) Fuller's initial consultation very helpful. He had a reassuring approach which gave me confidence that he had the knowledge and experience to help resolve my situation. He quickly understood my circumstances and was able to give appropriate advice and options that helped me to clarify my own thinking around my circumstances. I now believe I have options about the separation I am currently going through. If I continue to have difficulties between me and my partner I will be instructing Fuller's Family Law to assist with the negotiations.”

Free consultation, Apr 2016

“I am extremely satisfied with the overall service I received from my solicitor. He went above and beyond what he needed to and devoted a lot of time to me. He was very understanding and patient and took extra time to understand my situation. He has provided me with after care service which I was not expecting and I would definitely recommend him and the firm to anyone who was going through the same situation.”

L99/1, Apr 2016