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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“I got in touch with Fullers following a recommendation. I needed some advice when my ex-wife stopped contact with my children except by Facetime due to the Covid pandemic. I found this quite intrusive and felt I needed space to be with them on my own. I also wanted to sort out the arrangements for me to spend time with the children in the holidays. Fullers were very knowledgeable and professional and managed my expectations from the outset. They prepared my case well and, following some negotiations and compromises, I obtained an Order from Court which reflected my wishes. I was happy with the outcome. ”

R212/1, Jan 2021

“After the breakdown of my relationship with the mother of my children, I needed legal advice to deal with the financial implications and children related matters resulting from our separation. The solicitor at Fullers advised that a Separation Agreement be drawn up setting out how the finances are to be split and contact arrangements for the children as my ex-partner was refusing to agree to any suggestions I made. I was very grateful for Fullers help as my ex-partner eventually signed the Separation Agreement which has enabled my children to reside with me 50% of the time including my ex-partner’s son who I have always treated as my own.”

Google Rating  | G198/2, Dec 2020

“Fullers Family Law represented me in my divorce and financial matters which they dealt with expeditiously and efficiently. The Solicitor who had conduct of my matter listened to my concerns and I was always given advice in a timely manner and wasn’t left waiting with my concerns. My matter was looked into thoroughly and my solicitor managed my expectations throughout the case giving me realistic advice. She advised me on the agreement made at mediation and how the Judge may view this, so I was always prepared. My matter was dealt with in a sympathetic but professional way and I was very happy with the outcome.”

E93/1, Dec 2020

“Fullers represented me in my divorce and financial proceedings. They were very efficient and quick to respond to any queries I had throughout the matter and ensured that the divorce was dealt with as seamlessly and stress-free as possible. I was happy with the outcome as it allowed a clean break between myself and my ex-wife to enable us to move on with our lives.”

D224/1, Dec 2020

“I contacted Fullers Family Law for their advice as I wanted to formalise contact arrangements with my daughter to ensure they remained consistent and could not be changed. The solicitor I spoke with was exceedingly helpful, polite and knowledgeable. She wrote a letter to my ex-partner setting out the current arrangements to ensure they are adhered to. This helped open up a dialogue between myself and my ex-partner whereby we were able to come to some compromise in the best interests of our daughter.”

B567/1, Dec 2020

“I contacted Fullers Family Law for some advice regarding the consequences of a trial separation as I was concerned this would leave me vulnerable. After speaking with a solicitor at Fullers, I was advised of the legalities of a separation in clear layman’s terms and the procedures going forward which has reassured me and given me options to consider.”

M453/1, Dec 2020

“After splitting up with my wife I sought advice from Fullers as I was concerned about how this would affect my relationship with my children and what contact I would have with them. I also needed advice regarding the financial implications of the separation. I had a meeting with a Solicitor who was very helpful as he answered a lot of my questions. He advised me of my rights as a father and answered a lot of questions regarding the possible financial outcomes. I found the meeting to be very reassuring, particularly with regard to my children as I am more informed as to where I stand.”

J144/1, Dec 2020

“I contacted Fullers having read the reviews on their website. I needed some advice as my husband had issued a court application with regard to the arrangements for our daughter. I contacted Fullers who arranged a meeting with one of their solicitors via Zoom. Fullers talked me through the paperwork and advised me on how to respond and the next steps. It was helpful having some intervention from a solicitor who ensured I was following the procedure correctly.”

D240/1, Dec 2020

“After separating from my husband I needed advice on the financial options available to me and how best to proceed. Fullers offered me a Pay As You Go meeting with a solicitor who advised me on the best options for me and helped me make a decision. I found the meeting very productive as I was then able to come to an agreement with my husband which could be settled at Court avoiding extended costly negotiations and court proceedings.”

W338/1, Dec 2020

“After the breakdown of my marriage, my ex-wife’s solicitors drew up a financial agreement between us for my signature. I needed to know if it was watertight and the terms were as I had interpreted them so I contacted Fullers. I had a meeting with a solicitor who confirmed the interpretation of it and reassured me.”

Google Rating  | N100/1, Nov 2020

“Fullers facilitated mediation between myself and my wife as I was being denied contact with my children so the mediator tried to resolve the differences between us. She was very professional and encouraged my ex-wife to communicate with me so we could come to some agreement with regard to contact arrangements and made suggestions for us to consider. Unfortunately, my ex-wife would not participate in further mediation and the matter has gone to court, however, the mediation has really helped me in preparing a case for the court proceedings.”

T196/1, Nov 2020

“Fullers helped me whilst I was going through a rocky patch with my husband. I had initially instructed them to represent me in divorce and financial proceedings because of my husband’s erratic and indecisive behaviour due to his breakdown. He was always the dominant one in the relationship with regard to dealing with financial matters. Through many meetings and correspondence Fullers articulately explained the law surrounding the division of assets in layman’s terms. This gave me the confidence to manage my situation and deal with my finances. Their correspondence to my husband’s solicitors was very non-confrontational and amicable which helped. As I became stronger and more able to deal with financial matters within my marriage this took the pressure off my husband and enabled us to reconcile our differences. I, therefore, put a stop on my divorce and Fullers were very supportive of this.”

T191/2, Nov 2020

“Feeling frightened and vulnerable as a result of potentially becoming homeless with a young child, I contacted Fullers Family Law for their help. As I was in a difficult financial position Fullers offered me a Pay as You Go service where I could budget for their advice. After having an initial meeting with a Solicitor and obtaining advice with regards to the law, I am feeling much more reassured and confident that everything will be okay and I will be able to keep a roof over my son’s head with the help of financial maintenance. I am completing my own forms to save costs and am continuing to use Fullers as required for their advice so I find their service very flexible.”

S470/1, Nov 2020

“I needed some advice after the breakdown of my relationship and the financial implications of this. I wasn’t married but owned a house with my ex-partner and I phoned five companies before I contacted Fullers. Fullers answered my call promptly and an appointment for me to speak to a Solicitor was made quickly and efficiently. The Solicitor gave me advice and informed me of things I wasn’t aware of so I was really well prepared for my mediation meeting and felt more informed to move forward. When a person is distraught and going through a really difficult time in their life, they need affirmation and to know the options available to them. Knowing the available options can help put them in a better place. Fullers did this for me and this is why I would highly recommend them as a law firm.”

S463/1, Nov 2020

“I contacted Fullers for some advice as I had some concerns regarding my children going on holiday and spending time overnight with their father. I was concerned their welfare wasn’t paramount to him whilst they were in his care. Fullers were very professional in terms of their procedures. I had an initial telephone call where I was advised that a letter should be sent to my ex-partner. I was then allocated a lawyer for this purpose who had been briefed about my circumstances so the service felt very personal. I was given guidance with regards to the content of the letter but felt ultimately it was my decision as to the content and felt it was always under my control. The lawyer also gave me time to go away and think about what I wanted to say before sending it so I didn’t feel rushed. The letter was sent to my ex-partner and we managed to resolve matters between us. Fullers intervention was instrumental in facilitating this so I was very happy with their service.”

S458/1, Nov 2020

“I contacted Fullers for some advice on a family matter that I needed help resolving. Fullers were approachable and listened to my concerns. They communicated efficiently throughout the whole process, acted in a professional manner, and were effective.”

R218/1, Nov 2020

“After the breakdown of my marriage, I was not coping very well and hadn’t slept for weeks worrying. After I contacted Fullers I was allocated a solicitor who was extremely understanding. As I was concerned about the wellbeing of my children whilst in their father’s care, he took on board my concerns and provided me with options to find the best solution to my matter. I had to put the matter on hold partway through as finances were limited. My solicitor didn’t push me or chase me and only kept me informed where necessary. He seemed to have a human element to him, suggesting things to benefit me and not just benefit the case. With the support of my friends and my solicitor at Fullers, I have managed to emerge from the situation feeling grateful for all the support they provided me.”

R192/1, Nov 2020

“I needed some help and advice completing forms regarding my divorce proceedings as the legal terminology was hard to understand and I was unsure as to what I was signing. I had a meeting with a solicitor at Fullers via Zoom who helped translate the wording of the documentation into layman’s terms. He was very engaging and knowledgeable and provided me with in-depth advice. I came away from the meeting feeling reassured and more knowledgeable about the divorce process.”

M439/1, Nov 2020

“After the breakdown of my marriage, I contacted Fullers for them to represent me in divorce proceedings. They offered a fixed fee divorce rate which was better for me as there were no hidden costs and I could budget which gave me peace of mind. Now my divorce is finalised, I am at peace and feel relieved.”

J129/2, Nov 2020

“Fullers represented me in my divorce and financial matters. The lawyer I was allocated was very informative and listened to what I had to say. I negotiated with my husband myself and my lawyer supported me with advice. She was quick to respond to any queries and was always professional and polite. With her help, I managed to obtain a satisfactory outcome.”

Google Rating  | F149/2, Nov 2020

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Our highly qualified lawyers are members of Resolution, working to their code of practice, encouraging sensitive and cost-effective solutions that consider the needs of the whole family, including the interest of any children.

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