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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“Fullers provided advice during a very upsetting time for me as my ex-partner was denying me access to my children and I needed some support. I had a meeting with a solicitor via Zoom and she was very informative and friendly. She advised me of the law and that I had a right to see my children. As a result of the meeting, I felt more informed and equipped to be able to represent myself at Court. I am now seeing my children again and matters have settled so I am pleased with the outcome.”

M433/1, Nov 2020

“After separating from my husband I wanted to protect my interest in the family home as it was in my husband’s sole name. I contact Fullers and had a free consultation with them for advice on what I could do. I found them to be very reassuring and felt I was in good hands. I instructed them to represent me in my matter and they wrote to the Land Registry for a charge on the property so it couldn’t be sold without my consent. It was a straightforward matter and a simple instruction, so it was dealt with quickly and efficiently without them overcomplicating matters.”

M430/1, Nov 2020

“After separating from my son’s mother I needed some advice from solicitors. I was concerned about the deterioration of my son’s behaviour and the contact arrangements for him to see me were constantly being changed. Feeling helpless and not knowing what to do, I contacted Fullers to find out about having him reside with me. Once interventions and measures were in place, matters became more settled for my son and I was happier for him to remain living with his mother. Fullers made the whole process painless and the Judge ordered that I have regular contact with my son, so I was satisfied with the outcome.”

Google Rating  | W188/2, Oct 2020

“I needed some advice from a solicitor regarding the financial implications surrounding a relationship breakup as we are not married but have been together for 14 years. I had a meeting with a solicitor who advised me of my legal rights. I found Fullers to be professional, friendly, and helpful. They provided me with some direction as to how to pursue the matter if it were contested.”

D223/1, Oct 2020

“I contacted Fullers Family Law for their advice regarding a Deed of Separation drawn up by my husband’s solicitor following the breakdown of our marriage. They advised me of the terms of the agreement, my legal rights, and if what I was signing was fair. Although they made suggestions for amendments in my favour and encouraged me to re-think certain aspects of the agreement, they didn’t push the matter and allowed me to make my own decision. I found Fullers to be honest and professional and I was happy with their service.”

D210/2, Oct 2020

“Following the breakdown of my marriage, I instructed Fullers to deal with my divorce and the proceeds of the sale of the family home as there was a dispute as to how these should be split. Unsure and doubtful as to the outcome, Fullers made me feel confident that I could protect my share of the net proceeds of sale and that they could get the desired outcome for me. Eventually, after negotiations from my solicitor, a satisfactory agreement was drawn up which I was happy with. Fullers service was professional and they kept me sane through a very stressful time.”

L190/2, Oct 2020

“Fullers represented me in my divorce and financial proceedings. I felt that from the start I was listened to and could get everything that I wanted to say across in my own time. Nothing was ever too much trouble if I needed to query anything. I felt my solicitor looked after me well through a very stressful time as they allowed me to sound off and helped me emotionally through the process. I had a good rapport with my solicitor and felt she was the right person to look after my case as she made me feel at ease.”

Google Rating  | R180/1, Oct 2020

“I contacted Fullers during the breakdown of my relationship as I was quite anxious that the relationship with my daughter continues following a separation. I also needed clarification on the status of our relationship as I was hoping differences between us could be resolved and ultimately would have preferred a reconciliation. Fullers wrote an amiable letter to my ex-partner which was sensitively worded and non-confrontational which really helped matters and clarified worries between us. I thought the service Fullers provided was very personal. I felt they cared and I wasn’t just another client.”

C427/1, Oct 2020

“Fullers dealt with my divorce and financial matters. At the beginning, it was quite daunting filing for a divorce and I felt quite tense. However, my solicitor put me at ease and everything was straightforward. I am happy my matter is now settled and I am financially comfortable so I can move on with my life.”

C374/1, Oct 2020

“After the breakup of my marriage, I contacted Fullers to represent me in my divorce and financial proceedings. The solicitor who had conduct of my matter responded to any queries I had and managed my expectations well. After many negotiations with my ex-husband’s solicitor, an agreement was made and the matter was settled out of Court. I felt like Fullers were in control of the situation and I was happy with the outcome.”

B502/1 & 2, Oct 2020

“I contacted Fullers after the breakdown of my marriage as there were financial implications that needed to be dealt with and I was denied contact with my children which was upsetting. The initial conversation I had with Fullers gave me confidence in their ability to manage my case. The solicitors who dealt with my matter understood where I was coming from and there was no judgement from them. I am used to dealing with volatile situations but when it involved my own family emotions ran high, particularly as there were unfounded allegations against me. It was difficult not to become frustrated and upset but Fullers held me together and steered me in the right direction. As a result of their excellent representation, contact with my children has been reinstated and the financial outcome was settled and fair.”

Google Rating  | B470/3, Oct 2020

“I was concerned with issues surrounding contact for my son with his father, so I contacted Fullers for their advice. My concerns were taken on board and they listened to everything I had to say. They gave me multiple options on how to proceed and the possible outcomes of those options. I decided for them to send a letter to my ex-partner with proposals for contact. They outlined everything I wanted to say and also made amendments I suggested instantly and to my satisfaction. The letter has definitely helped the situation and matters are much better than before I instructed Fullers.”

T211/1, Oct 2020

“I contacted Fullers to represent me in my divorce and financial proceedings. The advice I was given from the outset was very clear, so I knew what I was working with. There was no miscommunication or doubts as to how the process worked so I felt very confident in Fullers dealing with my case. I was very happy with the outcome as the order made has enabled me to be financially independent.”

N90/1 & 2, Oct 2020

“I needed some advice as Fullers had represented me for a Child Arrangements Order made in 2017 which had been breached by my ex-partner. Before taking steps to go back to Court regarding the breach, I contacted Fullers for their advice. I had a meeting with the solicitor who represented me in obtaining the original Order and she reassured me that I was following the correct procedure. This gave me the confidence to represent myself at Court to ensure my ex-partner complies with the terms of the Order. I find Fullers very professional and easy to deal with.”

Google Rating  | B368/2, Oct 2020

“I was extremely concerned that my children would be moved from the area after I separated from their mother and I needed to protect their current living arrangements. I contacted Fullers for their advice and the solicitor who represented me was excellent. She listened intently to my concerns and put forward proposals to my ex-partner keeping the matter as amicable as possible. The Judge made an order based on my solicitor’s proposals that the children remain living with me with regular contact with their mother, so I was extremely relieved and happy with the outcome.”

A213/1, Oct 2020

“My son was not returned to my care after contact with his father. Concerned for his wellbeing, I contacted Fullers for legal representation. The solicitor who represented me was very empathetic, professional and acted swiftly by making an emergency application to the Court. The Judge ordered an immediate return of my son to me and the matter was resolved very quickly. Although I have yet another court hearing to attend and the matter is ongoing, I have peace of mind for the time being.”

S460/1, Sep 2020

“Fullers represented me in the financial proceedings relating to my divorce. The situation was stressful but the solicitor I was allocated was excellent. She was always quick to reply to my emails and knew exactly what was going on with my case without being prompted. I felt I was in good hands which took the weight from my shoulders. Fullers handled my case exceptionally well and I received the outcome I wanted.”

L213/2, Sep 2020

“Shortly after coming to this country, my husband issued divorced proceedings and made unfounded allegations against me. I felt very upset and alone so I contacted Fullers Family Law. The solicitor who represented me took the stress from me. She advised me of the procedures and always made sure I understood what was happening. When I called her I never had to wait very long for her to get back to me, so I never felt in the dark. I am very satisfied with the way Fullers handled my divorce and feel relieved everything is finalised.”

S439/1, Sep 2020

“I contacted Fullers as I needed some initial advice regarding the financial implications of divorce proceedings. I had a meeting with a solicitor which I found very informative providing me with useful information regarding the process and possible avenues to do down. The meeting enabled me to consider my options better informed of the legal process.”

P254/1, Sep 2020

“I needed legal advice regarding my family matter so I contacted Fullers as they specialised in family law. I found them to be supportive towards my situation and very responsive. They provided me with clear information and guidance and I have since recommended them to other people seeking legal representation.”

S365/2, Sep 2020

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Our highly qualified lawyers are members of Resolution, working to their code of practice, encouraging sensitive and cost-effective solutions that consider the needs of the whole family, including the interest of any children.

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