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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“During the process of my divorce, I was sent a draft financial agreement from my husband’s solicitors for signature. I did not want to sign something that I didn’t understand so I instructed Fullers for this purpose. The solicitor interpreted the legal terminology to me and it became apparent that it wasn’t what I had agreed. Fullers made the proposed amendments which were agreed by my husband’s solicitors and the Consent Order was signed by all parties and sealed by the Court. I now have peace of mind and can move forward with my life.”

S426/1, Jun 2020

“Fullers represented me in my divorce financial proceedings. There was a dispute over the family home and I was concerned this would need to be sold but I wanted to try and retain it for myself and the children as their home. Fullers were very friendly and empathetic, they listened to my concerns and were always available to speak to. The Judge ordered that I could retain the family home thanks to Fullers' help.”

Google Rating  | W284/2, Jun 2020

“Fullers were recommended to me by a previous client so I asked them to represent me in my divorce proceedings. After my initial telephone call with the firm, I was confident that I would be in good hands and they would deal with my divorce efficiently. I was kept up to date with the procedures and developments and the documents prepared for me were accurate and professionally drawn up. My solicitor was pro-active and chased the court and my wife’s solicitor to expedite matters. I cannot fault their service and would highly recommend them to anyone needing a family lawyer.”

S386/1, Jun 2020

“Following the breakdown of my relationship, I instructed Fullers to represent me in formalising my interest from a property I owned with my ex-partner. They were pro-active from the get-go and keen to make me feel at ease. They helped me understand the legalities of the matter by simplifying the terminology and the matter was resolved quickly despite these unprecedented times. I received my interest in the property and was happy with the outcome.”

B534/1, Jun 2020

“Fullers Family Law represented me in an ongoing cohabitation dispute after the breakdown of my relationship. I needed to be released from the mortgage of our former family home in accordance with an order. I was finding this difficult to do so I contacted Fullers Family Law for their help. The solicitor I was allocated was extremely professional. She provided clear and concise advice by interpreting the order and clearing up any ambiguities that arose. She also wrote to my ex-partner’s solicitor to advise them of the same and the matter has now been resolved. I would not hesitate to instruct Fullers again if the need arose.”

R127/2, Jun 2020

“Having been separated from my wife for 5 years, I was unsure how to move forward with matters. I had a meeting with a solicitor at Fullers who explained the divorce and financial proceedings process to me. I found the meeting gave me confidence to take the next step and formalised matters.”

C414/1, Jun 2020

“As a result of the Covid-19 situation, my ex-partner had concerns about me having contact with my children. I contacted Fullers Family Law for their advice. Despite the country being in the height of lockdown, their service was outstanding. I was allocated a solicitor in good time and the matter was dealt with swiftly. She wrote a letter to my ex-partner reassuring her that I was following the guidelines and my children’s safety would not be compromised so the matter was resolved amicably and promptly. Very good value for a good all round service.”

T200/1, Jun 2020

“I contacted Fullers following unfounded allegations being made against me by me ex-partner which resulted in me having to leave my home and contact with my son being questioned before the court. I had two solicitors deal with my matters and they were both excellent. They were pro-active and efficient and advocated my case extremely well before and during the court proceedings. I was overjoyed with the outcome as I was able to return to my home and an Order was made that my son could have regular overnight contact with me. I am relieved the matter has been finalised and feel justice has been done.”

Google Rating  | S425/2, Jun 2020

“I contacted Fullers Family Law over concerns for my sister's wellbeing and to represent me in obtaining a residence order for my sister to live with me. The solicitor who was allocated to my matter was excellent. She responded quickly to my telephone calls and emails and answered any questions I had regarding the paperwork. Although I did not receive residence of my sister, I was granted regular contact with her. I would recommend Fullers services for anyone needing a family lawyer.”

S396/2, Jun 2020

“I contacted Fullers as they were advertised as being the best family lawyers in my area and I needed advice regarding contact with my children. My ex-partner kept changing the contact arrangements and sometimes the children were not available for me to see which was frustrating and upsetting. I had a meeting with a solicitor at Fullers who advised me on the law and informed me of the steps I could take to try and obtain an Order from the court for regular contact with my children. Since my meeting things seem to have improved. I would have no hesitation in instructing Fullers to represent me if I needed to take matters further as they were knowledgeable and efficient.”

H378/1, Jun 2020

“Fullers Family Law represented me in matters relating to my children. Although I had received a court order granting me overnight contact with my children, this was being frustrated for several reasons which needed clarifying and addressed. The solicitor handling my case kept calm throughout the process, dissipating matters before they became too heated which in turn helped me feel less stressed and more positive about the outcome of my case. Fullers wrote to my ex partner’s solicitors and an agreement was made before the matter went back to court. My solicitor was very professional and competent and as a result, contact to my children was agreed according to the order.”

G173/2, May 2020

“I needed a solicitor to formalise a financial agreement between myself and my husband following our divorce. I chose Fullers based on my initial telephone call with them as I found them to be very helpful and friendly. They were very accommodating as I was on a low income so they recommended one of their junior lawyers conduct my case for me to keep costs to a minimum. Most of my matter could be dealt with by emails and telephone calls which was convenient for me as I didn’t have to keep attending the office and this fitted around my busy schedule. As English is my second language, the lawyer was very patient and interpreted all the legal terminology for me to ensure I understood what I was agreeing to. I am grateful to Fullers for their understanding and help in my matter and am relieved it has been finalised to my satisfaction.”

Google Rating  | P233/1, May 2020

“Fullers represented me in my divorce and financial proceedings. The solicitor who had conduct of my matter made what could have been a potentially difficult situation a lot easier. She put some options on the table and negotiated an agreement which was in the best interests of all parties. I would recommend Fullers as a family law firm as the communication was good and, although their services were quite pricey, I got what I paid for.”

H370/1, May 2020

“I contacted Fullers for some advice following the separation from my ex-partner. I needed advice regarding receiving interest from the property to enable me to purchase a home for myself. I was was able to speak to a solicitor quite quickly and the advice provided was relevant and concise. The solicitor followed up with an email clarifying his advice to ensure that everything was understood by me. When lockdown is over I will have no hesitation to contact Fullers to pursue this matter for me as I am very confident in their ability to provide a good service for me.”

I34/1, May 2020

“I was recommended Fullers from a solicitor friend as I needed help to commence divorce proceedings. I also wanted to determine my interest in the family home as my wish was to have the property transferred to myself. I was very happy with the outcome as the divorce was finalised and the property was transferred to my name so I was able to retain my home. Fullers were fast and efficient and got the job done!”

F147/1, May 2020

“I needed some legal advice regarding a proposed financial settlement from my husband following the breakdown of our marriage. I was in the dark as I didn’t know if what he was offering me was fair or not. I had a couple of meetings with a solicitor at Fullers who advised me on the likely outcome as to the how the finances would be split. Based on this information I was able to negotiate an agreement and follow through the divorce and finances amicably with my husband. I was very impressed with the solicitor at Fullers as she went above and beyond to help me, even witnessing the Land Registry document for the transfer of the property. This service gave me peace of mind that I was receiving the best outcome for me.”

Google Rating  | E95/1, May 2020

“I contacted Fullers following the breakdown of my relationship and the implications this would have on the property I owned due to us cohabiting for a long period of time. I found the service very personal and I didn’t have to wait too long for an appointment. I was initially offered a telephone consultation and then was allocated a solicitor. The solicitor understood my concerns and provided me with very balanced and honest advice. Matters were eventually resolved and I no longer needed to pursue the matter but was very happy with the service Fullers provided me.”

D205/1, May 2020

“After the unfortunate breakdown of my marriage, I searched the internet for family lawyers. I chose to instruct Fullers as they specialised in family law and there were financial implications to my divorce. The lawyer representing me in my divorce proceedings kept me in the loop throughout the entire proceedings and was efficient and professional. I am very happy with their service and I continue to instruct them with regard to my financial matter.”

S421/1, Apr 2020

“I instructed Fullers to represent me in my divorce proceedings after I had learnt of my husband’s infidelity. After a reasonably long marriage with two children I was feeling let down. It took me a while to come to terms with the breakdown of my marriage and hence the proceedings took longer than necessary due to me delaying matters. Fullers were very patient and kept me informed of the next steps. Eventually I obtained a divorce and I can now re-build my life with my children.”

C271/1, Apr 2020

“I contacted Fullers as my ex husband was denying me contact with my daughter. I found this very distressing and needed intervention from a legal firm. Fullers explained the law to me and wrote a letter to my ex husband. They were very friendly and professional. The letter did help with initiating communication between myself and my ex husband so I was very happy with their service. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again if the need arose.”

B529/1, Apr 2020