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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“As there were some safeguarding issues surrounding my children whilst not in my care and I was concerned for their wellbeing, I contacted Fullers who took my case on and represented me at court. I was more than happy with the outcome of my case as the Judge ordered that my children could reside with me the majority of the time. I want to thank Fullers for their professional conduct and efficiency in this matter as I now have peace of mind for my children.”

H332/1, Apr 2019

“Although financial matters were amicable and agreed between myself and my former husband, I needed a Solicitor to set out our agreement in a formal document. I instructed Fullers for this purpose. They explained any legal terminology to me and any queries I had were dealt with in a timely manner. Consequently, the document was approved by the court so matters were concluded to my satisfaction.”

O78/1, Apr 2019

“Myself and my husband had come to a stalemate with trying to sort out the division of finances and child arrangements after the breakdown of our marriage. I didn’t want the matter to go to court because of the cost implications and emotional stress. We decided to try mediation and I contacted Fullers to set up a meeting. We had a co-mediation meeting with both a male and female mediator present. The Mediators were very experienced and their neutral intervention and proposals assisted us in coming to a mutually agreed resolution without the need to go to court.”

W278/1, Apr 2019

“I was issued with divorce papers by my wife but didn’t understand the legal content so was unsure what I was signing. I contacted Fullers Family Law and had a meeting with one of their solicitors who explained the legal terminology of the documents to me and the divorce procedure. She made me feel at ease and helped me complete the paperwork which was very reassuring. I now intend to instruct Fullers in my divorce matter as I found them to be very professional.”

M373/1, Apr 2019

“After my relationship had broken down, my ex partner was trying to claim an interest in the property I owned. I instructed Fullers to write a letter to her and they were superb. They took on board the facts of my case and they were honest with their advice. I felt they supported me 100% and had my best interests at heart. I have since recommended them to other people needing family law advice.”

C369/1, Apr 2019

“My mother-in-law had been divorced for some time and she had been too unwell to cope with the selling of the matrimonial property so matters had become stagnant. With our assistance, she instructed Fullers to settle the financial affairs so that a clean break could be sought between her and her ex husband. The solicitor who dealt with her matter kept us informed at all stages and she was very efficient. A Consent Order was approved by the court and the property was sold, the proceeds of which can now be utilised for the care of my mother-in-law so she can move on with her life.”

C319/1, Apr 2019

“After the breakdown of my relationship with my ex partner, I was not seeing my daughter as much as I would have liked and was concerned that a strong bond would not form between us in the limited time I had with her. I contacted Fullers who listened to my concerns and wrote a letter to my ex partner setting out proposals for my daughter to have longer contact time with me fitting around my work shifts. I am now awaiting a court hearing for these proposals to be considered and would not hesitate in instructing Fullers to assist me further as I found them to give professional advice to resolve the matter in an effective and non confrontational manner.”

B471/2, Apr 2019

“Fullers Family Law represented me in obtaining a court order to allow me to have regular contact with my daughter. The solicitor who had conduct of my matter was  efficient and pro-active and was instrumental in obtaining the outcome I set out to achieve so I can now have quality time with my daughter.”

M344/1, Mar 2019

“I was concerned for the safe and welfare of my children whilst in the care of their mother so I contacted Fullers Family Law for their help. With their knowledge of the law, they helped me make decisions on what applications I could make to protect my children. Fullers represented me at court and the Judge ordered that the children live with me and the safeguarding issues are now being investigated so I am very relieved with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Fullers for anyone wanting representation regarding matters involving children.”

H321/1, Mar 2019

“My ex partner was trying to change the contact arrangements between me and my son. I contacted Fullers who wrote a letter to my ex partner setting out clear and concise proposals to reinstate the contact arrangements that were originally in place and with which my son was happy. Since the letter was sent, I am now enjoying regular contact with my son again. Without the assistance of Fullers, this would have been unachievable so I am very grateful for their help.”

P228/1, Mar 2019

“I contacted Fullers for them to represent me in financial matters relating to the former family home. My wife and I had been separated for many years and I wished to transfer the house to my wife for the benefit of her and my son and be released from the mortgage. Fullers wrote a letter to my ex wife setting out a proposal of a financial settlement. The solicitor who represented me was extremely efficient. The communication from Fullers was excellent and they kept me updated regularly. I was extremely happy with the outcome as I am due to receive my interest in the family home which will enable me to purchase a property for myself.”

D192/1, Mar 2019

“Following the breakdown of my marriage, I had a meeting with Fullers to obtain their advice regarding separation and the implications this would have regarding my business. Fullers were extremely accommodating providing me with information on time and gave me sound, reassuring advice. Their advice enabled me to make an informed decision to resolve the matter in the most cost effective way.”

O74/2, Mar 2019

“During the breakdown of my marriage, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to support myself and my children financially so I contacted Fullers for their advice. I had a meeting with them to discuss the implications of a divorce and where I would stand legally with regard to finances. The solicitor I spoke to was very reassuring and explained the law to me in terms of my circumstances. I now feel I am equipped to make a more informed decision as to how I want to pursue matters.”

G180/1, Feb 2019

“I contacted Fullers for some legal advice as my wife had issued divorce proceedings. The lawyer I met with talked me through the procedures and explained the terminology in the documents so I was reassured before signing anything. They were professional and friendly and I would have no hesitation in contacting them again if I needed representation.”

P217/1, Jan 2019

“After the breakdown of my marriage and for fear of not being able to see my children, Fullers were my safety net throughout this process. They provided honest and frank advice but were also supportive and empathetic. They sought the best outcome for me in terms of obtaining an order whereby I could have regular contact with my children and also sorted out my financial affairs. I can now move on with my life with peace of mind.”

C285/2 & 4, Jan 2019

“I sought the services of Fullers as I needed the professional legal assistance to help me oppose an application that was brought to court in respect of my children. The Laywer who represented me was honest in terms of whether my expectations were unrealistic or not and gave constructive advice on how I could achieve a positive outcome for myself and my children, which I did.”

C300/3, Jan 2019

“I was trapped in an abusive marriage and I was uncertain as to how I would cope financially and emotionally if I were to enter into a divorce. Feeling vulnerable, I contacted Fullers for their advice. They offered me a Conflict Management meeting which I found extremely helpful. The Director gave me practical advice in terms of emotional pointers and legal advice in terms of time scales, the settlement I could expect and the legal recourses for resolving my financial situation if I was to petition for a divorce. I found this advice invaluable and I am now emotionally prepared for any decision I decide to make in the future to resolve my situation.”

B472/1, Jan 2019

“I was very happy with the way Fullers dealt with my divorce and financial matters. Their letters were easy to follow and the legal terminology was explained in layman’s terms so I could understand matters clearly and didn’t feel misled. The outcome I received was as Fullers had predicted so I was prepared and happy with the settlement.”

F121/1&2, Dec 2018

“I needed advice on how to deal with the unhappy situation I found myself in after the break up of my relationship. Fullers offered a Conflict Management meeting which I found extremely helpful. I was given coping mechanisms and ways in which I could diffuse a very acrimonious situation. I was also given an insight into what the next steps would be and how the matter would proceed. I was very happy with their approach and, as such, Fullers are now representing me in family matters.”

R168/1, Aug 2018

“The lawyer that dealt with my divorce at Fullers did so in a professional manner showing her expertise and giving guidance throughout. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone going through a divorce.”

F129/1, Jul 2018