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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“I contacted Fullers following the breakdown of my marriage to seek legal advice to resolve the financial aspects of the divorce and contact arrangements with my son. The advice I received was always honest and my solicitor was very supportive of me having mediation to try and resolve matters. My solicitor managed my expectations and everything went through as expected. I was pleased with the Order made with regard to the finances but particularly pleased that I will have the shared care of my son.”

G203/3, Mar 2021

“After the breakdown of my marriage, I instructed Fullers to represent me in my divorce and financial proceedings. My wife and I had come to an agreement as to how we wanted to split the finances so it was just a case of formalising this into a Court Order. Fullers were very professional throughout and advised me of the law and the various options I had if the agreement broke down, so I felt my expectations were managed and I was aware of the potential obstacles. The Court did approve the Order so I was very happy with the outcome.”

Google Rating  | R166/2, Mar 2021

“The relationship with my daughter had broken down so, after trying all avenues to reconcile without success, I decided to seek the advice of Fullers as I was desperate to see my grandchildren. When I first contacted Fullers, I was planning on conducting the case myself with their guidance, however, my solicitor was so incredibly knowledgeable and, although she didn’t dissuade us from doing this, she gave us the pros and cons and I decided to instruct her to conduct the matter for me. I couldn’t have found a better solicitor to prepare my case for me as she was incredibly professional and very sensitive to the situation. Unfortunately, I had to withdraw because I was no longer able to finance the matter but, had I continued, I am confident that my case would have been successful and I would have achieved the outcome I had hoped for.”

Google Rating  | F169/1, Mar 2021

“Fullers represented me in my divorce and financial proceedings. Although the case was straightforward as both parties were compliant, the solicitor who had conduct of my matter was very professional and sympathetic. She kept me updated throughout and if I ever had to chase, which was rare, she would get back to me straight away. This made the process as easy and stress-free as possible. There were no hidden charges and the costs were transparent from the outset.”

T193/2, Mar 2021

“I contacted Fullers about an issue relating to the care of my daughter. I was offered a free initial 20-minute consultation to go over my options which I found very helpful. I then instructed a solicitor to write a letter to my ex-partner setting out my concerns. They did everything I asked and the letter resolved the issue. The service was exceptional, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again if needed.”

S477/1, Mar 2021

“Fullers acted for me following the breakdown of my marriage. I was particularly anxious that my wife would relocate with our children and needed some advice with regards to my business. My solicitor went through the various options with me and provided me with good advice while explaining things clearly, particularly with regard to the various documentation. My solicitor’s direction throughout enabled both sides to talk without the cost of going to Court and without exacerbating matters. We have now finally mediated which has resulted in a successful outcome.”

S397/2, Mar 2021

“I contacted Fullers as they had represented me in the past with regards to a Cohabitation matter and a subsequent Order they obtained for me. I trusted my solicitor to act in my best interests at the time and achieved the outcome I wanted. I needed their involvement again to enforce the Order as my ex-partner’s solicitors were procrastinating and my emails were not be responded to. Fullers wrote to them to ensure that the Order was complied with and that I obtain my share of the interest in the family home. They were prompt and concise in their correspondence and very professional throughout which has resulted in the matter being resolved. I want to thank Fullers again for their service.”

R127/3, Mar 2021

“I contacted Fullers Family Law as I needed advice regarding a family matter. I was offered a meeting with a solicitor just to get some initial advice. He was very understanding and made me feel comfortable talking about my situation. I now feel confident in making the decisions based on the advice he gave me.”

L223/1, Feb 2021

“Fullers represented me in my divorce and financial proceedings. It was a very emotional and difficult situation which they dealt with sensitively and professionally. They also corresponded with my ex-husband in a sensitive manner which was very helpful and did not inflame the situation. I was happy with the outcome as I was able to buy my own home and be financially independent.”

O63/2, Feb 2021

“Following the breakdown of my marriage, I sought Fullers advice with regard to a clean break order to provide certainty for myself and my wife upon divorce. The solicitor who had conduct of my matter gave me sound advice with regards to what I should be seeking and as a result I had a successful outcome. The costs of the matter also came in lower than originally quoted which was great!”

M427/1, Feb 2021

“I was in a dark place when I contacted Fullers Family Law. Following the breakdown of my marriage, I was unsure where I stood legally and the financial implications. I thought it would be easier not to pursue any financial applications and was ready to give up everything. Understanding my vulnerability, the Lawyer whom I was allocated immediately took the reigns and advised me on what I would be entitled to and what action to take to ensure that I obtained some financial support. The matter went to Court and I was extremely happy with the outcome as I obtained a financial remedy to enable me to comfortably move on with my life.”

F166/1, Feb 2021

“I contacted Fullers on behalf of my son who was being subject to aggressive and intimidating behaviour from his ex-girlfriend and was finding this very difficult to deal with. We were offered a free telephone consultation where we were given clear options as to what we could do about this and which we could think about in our own time as there was no obligation to instruct then and there. We did eventually use the services of Fullers who prepared a case and instructed a Barrister to attend the Court hearing with my son. The Barrister was very patient with my son and he was understanding of his autism and could see that he was struggling. He kept him calm during the Court hearing and a Non Molestation Order was made protecting my son against his ex-girlfriend.”

I37/1, Feb 2021

“I was critically ill when I contacted Fullers so it was quite a stressful time for me but as I had used their services before, I had peace of mind that everything would be covered and managed well. My ex-wife was trying to get the financial order varied so I needed help opposing this. Fullers took everything out of my hands but still communicated regularly with me. They were fantastic and took the stress away from me while resolving the matter.”

H362/1, Feb 2021

“My wife and I had been separated for some time and were agreeable to a divorce, it was just a case of formalising everything. I instructed Fullers for this purpose and was very impressed with the general support they provided, advising me at each stage of the divorce whilst dealing with the paperwork on my behalf.”

Google Rating  | G206/1, Feb 2021

“After the breakdown of my relationship and not knowing the law surrounding cohabitation, I contacted Fullers Family Law for their advice. They advised me on the law and were very honest with me as to what could or could not be done so I felt very reassured. They were very helpful and open to the issues raised and their response time was quick. The outcome of my case was better than expected so I was very happy with their service.”

J115/3, Feb 2021

“After the breakdown of my marriage, unsure where to turn and feeling angry and upset, I contacted Fullers for them to represent me in my divorce and financial proceedings. Because of the Covid situation, contact with my solicitor was carried out by phone, however this was facilitated really well and she was very empathetic and understanding. Despite the circumstances, I received the outcome I wanted and was able to stay in the family home.”

Google Rating  | C403/1, Feb 2021

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Fullers to anyone needing family legal advice as I had a high level of confidence in their service. My solicitor kept in contact with me regularly throughout my case, so the service was very attentive. Their expertise and knowledge of the law gave me confidence in their ability to manage my matter. They were clear what the risks were for me and the expected outcome at an early stage, so they managed my expectations. I felt like they were in my corner.”

C397/1, Feb 2021

“I sought advice from Fullers as I was anxious to obtain a Court Order for my daughter to reside with me. As Fullers had acted for me previously in my matter and knew my case, I asked them to represent me again. I felt I was in capable hands from the outset and trusted my lawyer’s judgement completely. I was steered in the right direction and she was always at the end of the phone when I needed her advice. What I hoped for came to fruition and I was successful in the outcome of my matter.”

Google Rating  | B358/4, Feb 2021

“I got in touch with Fullers as contact to my daughter was being denied by my ex-partner and I was also concerned about my daughter’s wellbeing. Two solicitors had conduct of my case and when the second solicitor took over it was a smooth transition as she was able to take over where my other solicitor left off. She was very efficient and always returned my calls even calling me back in the evening, so I felt she went above and beyond my expectations. She prepared a very strong case for the Court and the matter was resolved within 20 minutes of the Court hearing after the Judge ordered I have regular contact with my daughter. I am relieved and happy that I can enjoy valuable time with my daughter which is structured and in her best interests.”

E100/2, Feb 2021

“After a very long marriage which had broken down, I was terrified of the consequences and very nervous when I contacted Fullers. I couldn’t have been placed in better hands. The Solicitor who had conduct of my matter was very sympathetic and reassuring. She always stayed in contact with me keeping me up to date on the progress of my matter and always responded to my phone calls so I was never kept in the dark. Because of this I felt very supported throughout my matter. I am relieved my matter is over and I have since recommended Fullers to two of my friends also needed legal representation.”

B497/1, Feb 2021

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