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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“I instructed Fullers Family Law in my divorce proceedings. Everyone in the organisation was very easy to deal with the solicitor who had conduct of my matter was understanding and supportive. She had thorough knowledge and was able to advise me as to the right solution to be able to meet my needs.”

Google Rating  | T206/2, Jan 2021

“I contact Fullers as I wished to reinstate contact with my daughter and needed help proceeding with this. My solicitor was very helpful and understanding. She addressed any concerns I had and was very honest with me managing my expectations. She wrote a letter to my ex-partner taking into account my wishes. I thought the letter was fair and very conciliatory in respect of my proposals with regards to my daughter. I was very happy with their service.”

B350/2, Jan 2021

“I telephoned Fullers for their help regarding a family matter as I needed advice on what action to take. The lady I spoke to was very patient and understanding and I was allocated a solicitor who kindly accommodated an appointment around my work schedule. She really took the time to listen and understand which reflected in the work she carried out for me. The advice I was given made me feel empowered and completely changed the dynamics of my situation which has resolved matters.”

S475/1, Jan 2021

“I needed to sort out my financial affairs following the separation from my wife. After phoning a few solicitors, I decided to instruct Fullers following the positive and informative initial consultation that they offered me. The lawyer who was allocated my case was excellent, she was very professional but also caring and sensitive. She provided realistic solutions and was very factual as everything was explained to me every step of the way. My case was managed in a calm and unflappable way which produced a positive and fair outcome. Fullers made everything painless for me.”

Google Rating  | W322/1, Jan 2021

“Feeling very stressed and frustrated, I contacted Fullers Family Law as contact with my children was being denied by my ex-partner despite me enjoying contact before the Christmas period. Fullers provided good advice and suggested a letter be written to my ex-partner. I was happy with the letter as it was worded very well and was constructive which put me at ease as I didn’t want to antagonise matters. I felt confident that this was the right avenue to pursue for a resolution rather than go to court initially.”

W337/1, Jan 2021

“Following my divorce, I instructed Fullers to sort out my financial affairs arising from my divorce. My husband and I had agreed how we wanted to split the finances, so it was just a case of having that agreement drawn up into a legally binding document which reflected our wishes. Fullers provided a friendly and efficient service and were always quick to return my calls in good time. They drafted a document which was approved by the Judge enabling us to have a clean break and move on with our lives.”

W336/1, Jan 2021

“Fullers represented me in my divorce and financial proceedings. They were always available to answer any questions or with anything I had issues with. They reassured me as to what I was to expect in the future and any developments with regards to my case. The communication was good and the staff were very efficient. I felt relaxed and confident that things would move in the right direction. The outcome was better than I expected so I was extremely pleased with how they handled my case.”

W187/1, Jan 2021

“I contacted Fullers Family Law for their advice regarding a financial agreement between myself and my wife following our divorce. I was unsure what to do as some of the terms of the Order had already been implemented. Fullers were very professional and provided me with good advice. They re-drafted the Order to reflect parts of the agreement that had been affected enabling this to be approved by the Court. It was a straightforward matter and Fullers dealt with it efficiently and without trying to overcomplicate matters.”

Google Rating  | U11/1, Jan 2021

“I want to thank Fullers for taking on my case. My solicitor was always professional, attentive and caring asking me how I was each time I spoke to her and I felt I was treated as an individual. I have gone on to instruct them further with regard to my other matters.

Google Rating  | P259/1, Jan 2021

“I contacted Fullers for their advice regarding a cohabitation dispute. They were very efficient in handling the matter and any questions I asked were explained simply. They wrote a letter to my ex-partner setting out proposals with regard to the property which we jointly owned. This helped significantly as an agreement has now been reached between us on the basis of Fuller's letter.”

S472/1, Jan 2021

“Although I wanted to promote my son’s relationship with his father, I was fearful of his suggestion that he would take him out of the country. I contacted Fullers Family Law for their advice not knowing what steps to take and unsure where to go. Fullers were very reassuring and wrote a letter to my ex-partner setting out the law but proposing contact arrangements for him. I no longer feel anxious and am a lot calmer since the letter has been sent.”

S464/1, Jan 2021

“I contacted Fullers as I needed some advice on the financial implications arising from my divorce. I had a one-off meeting with a solicitor who was very knowledgeable and friendly and provided me with the information that I needed. I now have a clear path as to what I am entitled to and what reasonable outcome I can expect.”

R224/1, Jan 2021

“Fullers provided me with a friendly and thorough service, they were always at hand and my lawyer delivered a good case which enabled me to retain my assets.”

Google Rating  | S356/2, Jan 2021

“I contacted Fullers as I was being denied regular contact with my daughter which was leaving me feeling frustrated due to lack of trust. A constructive letter was written to my ex-partner by Fullers setting out proposals for contact which would give my daughter some routine to enable us to form a bond. Since the letter was written my ex-partner has been more reasonable and matters between us are better. However, I have still applied to Court for a contact order so I have certainty with seeing my daughter and would like Fullers to represent me in this regard as I have confidence in their service. ”

R221/1, Jan 2021

“After suffering abuse from my wife who was poorly and unmanageable I was feeling helpless and vulnerable and not knowing which way to turn I contacted Fullers Family Law for their help. Fullers gave me clear milestones so I could see the outcome ahead. They advised that I obtain a Non-Molestation Order and Occupation Order to remove my wife from the house. Although I knew this would be painful, I also knew it would be worth it as I would be safe. Fullers gave me reassurance about my safety and I eventually obtained protection from the Court.”

S389/3, Jan 2021

“Fullers had previously obtained an Order for me to have regular contact with my children. My ex-partner once again denied me contact due to the Covid pandemic and therefore breached the Order which was upsetting and frustrating. I contacted Fullers again and the Lawyer who obtained my original order was very patient and empathetic and took the matter back to Court. Access to my children was reinstated so I was very happy with the outcome and Fullers service.”

S302/4, Jan 2021

“I got in touch with Fullers following a recommendation. I needed some advice when my ex-wife stopped contact with my children except by Facetime due to the Covid pandemic. I found this quite intrusive and felt I needed space to be with them on my own. I also wanted to sort out the arrangements for me to spend time with the children in the holidays. Fullers were very knowledgeable and professional and managed my expectations from the outset. They prepared my case well and, following some negotiations and compromises, I obtained an Order from Court which reflected my wishes. I was happy with the outcome. ”

R212/1, Jan 2021

“After the breakdown of my relationship with the mother of my children, I needed legal advice to deal with the financial implications and children related matters resulting from our separation. The solicitor at Fullers advised that a Separation Agreement be drawn up setting out how the finances are to be split and contact arrangements for the children as my ex-partner was refusing to agree to any suggestions I made. I was very grateful for Fullers help as my ex-partner eventually signed the Separation Agreement which has enabled my children to reside with me 50% of the time including my ex-partner’s son who I have always treated as my own.”

Google Rating  | G198/2, Dec 2020

“Fullers Family Law represented me in my divorce and financial matters which they dealt with expeditiously and efficiently. The Solicitor who had conduct of my matter listened to my concerns and I was always given advice in a timely manner and wasn’t left waiting with my concerns. My matter was looked into thoroughly and my solicitor managed my expectations throughout the case giving me realistic advice. She advised me on the agreement made at mediation and how the Judge may view this, so I was always prepared. My matter was dealt with in a sympathetic but professional way and I was very happy with the outcome.”

E93/1, Dec 2020

“Fullers represented me in my divorce and financial proceedings. They were very efficient and quick to respond to any queries I had throughout the matter and ensured that the divorce was dealt with as seamlessly and stress-free as possible. I was happy with the outcome as it allowed a clean break between myself and my ex-wife to enable us to move on with our lives.”

D224/1, Dec 2020

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Our highly qualified lawyers are members of Resolution, working to their code of practice, encouraging sensitive and cost-effective solutions that consider the needs of the whole family, including the interest of any children.

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