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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“I needed legal advice as to where I stood regarding a cohabitation dispute arising from the breakdown of my relationship. I was allocated a senior solicitor of the firm who had a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding these matters. They advised me on my options and the possible outcomes. Seeking Fullers advice has enabled me to make a better and more informed decision as to the outcome I would like to achieve. ”

Google Rating  | W310/1, Oct 2019

“After a very difficult decision and coming to terms with the breakdown of my marriage, I instructed Fullers to represent me in divorce proceedings. The solicitor who dealt with my divorce was exceptional; my questions were always answered and she also supported me when I was upset. I felt she gave me an excellent, efficient service and was very professional but was caring throughout. ”

Google Rating  | W268/1, Oct 2019

“Having no knowledge of the law and attending court unrepresented to try and resolve financial issues within a divorce settlement, I found myself in an exceptionally difficult situation. I realised I needed legal representation and contacted Fullers. I cannot praise this firm enough! They took all of the pressure away from me as I just wanted the matter to be over. They dealt with my case a lot swifter and made it so much easier than I could have possibly imagined. I have got my freedom and my life is back on track. I cannot recommend this firm enough, it’s the best!”

W187/2, Oct 2019

“After being separated from my husband for more than 5 years, I was no further forward to getting divorced or resolving financial matters which was frustrating. I contacted Fullers Family Law and the solicitor I was allocated was very proactive. She listened to me, relayed everything back so I was clear on my instructions and advised me as to where I stood legally as well as suggesting the best way forward. She was excellent! The matter went to court and I received a fair order so I can now move on with my life.”

Google Rating  | T151/2, Oct 2019

“Communication between myself and my ex partner had broken down which resulted in her denying me access to my son. I contacted Fullers Family Law for them to help me. The solicitor who represented me was extremely proficient in her knowledge of children law and as a result I obtained a court order regaining access to my son again. I cannot thank Fullers enough and I would definitely recommend them to anyone finding themselves in the same situation.”

S302/2, Oct 2019

“Fullers were recommended to me by a friend. I consulted them as I was feeling frustrated due to the delay in my financial proceedings and needed to know what I could do to progress matters. I had a detailed consultation with a solicitor who gave me advice on what actions she would take next if I were to instruct her. My phone calls and emails were all answered within 24 hours and the level of customer service was excellent as Fullers were very proactive. Matters have now resolved themselves so I didn’t need to pursue the matter further, however, I would have no hesitation in recommending Fullers to others needing legal representation.”

Google Rating  | B490/1, Oct 2019

“The situation at home was becoming increasingly difficult as my husband and I were living in the same house, but communication had broken down between us and we were leading separate lives. I was worried about the family home as I wanted this to eventually be passed on to my children. Fullers dealt with my divorce for me and negotiated a financial settlement. I was extremely happy with the outcome as the family home was transferred to me pending my divorce so I am relieved my children will be financially secure.”

Google Rating  | R169/3, Oct 2019

“After being separated from my husband for some time and feeling frustrated that matters were taking a long time to resolve, I instructed Fullers to represent me in my divorce and financial proceedings. They got things moving very quickly and kept me informed of developments at each stage. They explained the process to me and the communication throughout was excellent. My divorce is now concluded and my husband and Fullers negotiated a clean financial break order with no further claims against each other so we can now move on with our lives independently.”

L175/2, Sep 2019

“Having some concerns regarding the financial settlement arising from my divorce, I contacted Fullers who offer a free initial telephone consultation. The lawyer I spoke to was personable and natural and I didn’t feel rushed. She listened to my fears and addressed my concerns making me feel reassured. I have now instructed Fullers to legally represent me as I am confident they will put my best interests first and deal with my matter in a non-contentious way so as to keep matters amicable.”

B508/1, Sep 2019

“Having recently used this company, I would be happy to highly recommend them to anyone. They were straightforward and helpful. Easy to contact. Replied to my requests very promptly and very professional.”

Google Rating  | H325/1, Sep 2019

“I needed legal advice regarding a family issue involving children. I had a meeting with a solicitor at Fullers Family Law. I found her to be very helpful and understanding. She listened to my concerns first then advised me on the law and what steps I could take and how to deal with things moving forward if I should encounter any further problems. I would have no hesitation in instructing Fullers to represent me as I found them to be well organised and the initial meeting with them gave me confidence that they would manage my matter efficiently and professionally.”

Google Rating  | J127/1, Sep 2019

“I wanted to share the contact with my daughter equally between her mother and myself so I turned to Fullers for their advice. They advised me on my rights as a father and wrote a letter to my ex partner with the proposals I had suggested. I am intending to instruct them further with regard to this matter as they were efficient and helpful but also listened to what outcome I wanted to achieve.”

H354/1, Sep 2019

“Although my wife and I had been separated for a long time and both agreed to there being a divorce, I needed this to be formalised so I instructed Fullers to carry out my divorce for me. The lawyer who dealt with my matter was exceptional. The level of communication throughout the process was excellent as she kept me informed of developments all the way through which made the whole process less stressful for me.”

H309/1, Sep 2019

“I needed financial guidance following a separation from my husband as I was unsure of the legal implications. I had a meeting with a solicitor at Fullers who was excellent. She advised me of my rights and pointed me in the right direction which has equipped me to make a more informed decision for when I pursue the matter further. I found Fullers to be extremely professional and would definitely recommend them.”

D210/1, Sep 2019

“Following the breakdown of my marriage and feeling uncertain as to the financial implications of a divorce, I contacted Fullers to obtain some advice. I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable and was therefore happy for them to represent my case for me. The solicitors were supportive throughout and kept me informed at all stages. Although it was a very long process which involved court proceedings, the matter concluded satisfactorily.”

B389/1, Sep 2019

“Fullers were always open and honest whilst I was a client of theirs. They gave me a good strategy and advice which has come to fruition and has worked. Even when I wanted to put my own proposals forward without taking some of their advice, they listened to me but put measures into place to mitigate any risks that may arise. Where there were potential litigation problems, Fullers made the law work for me and I received the financial outcome I wanted.”

S341/4, Sep 2019

“I contacted Fullers after the breakdown of my marriage asking them to deal with my divorce for me. Having to make such an emotional decision was hard and Fullers supported me throughout this. They ensured the divorce procedure ran smoothly and was easy and straightforward for me to understand. I would recommend them to anyone needing a good family lawyer.”

H328/2, Sep 2019

“Following the breakdown of my relationship, I wanted to ensure that I saw my sons regularly and particularly to be able to take them on holiday. Although I was able to see them, I felt there were limitations placed on me with regard to contact. I instructed Fullers Family Law to represent me in this matter. They were professional and knowledgeable and informed me of my rights as a father. They wrote a letter to my ex partner and things have become much more amicable. I am now enjoying regular contact with my sons.”

S395/1, Sep 2019

“After deciding that my marriage was at an end and feeling powerless and betrayed, I contacted Fullers for their legal support. They helped me take control of the situation and issued a petition for divorce. They also represented me in the financial side of the divorce. They made the process appear easy which relieved the pressure from me. I now feel relieved that matters have been finalised and in a better position to take control of my life.”

S327/3, Sep 2019

“During a very stressful time after the breakdown of my marriage I turned to Fullers for their advice and representation. Whilst they were there predominately to guide me through the legal process, I felt they supported me emotionally too. They kept me informed at all times right up to the conclusion of my matter. Relieved the matter has been finalised, I can now move on with my life.”

P194/1, Sep 2019