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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“I made contact with Fullers in respect of divorce and financial matters. I was feeling quite apprehensive but everything was explained clearly to me and what was likely to happen, so I felt well informed and prepared. I am happy that things are now completed and I would definitely recommend Fullers for anyone going through a relationship or marriage breakup.”

Google Rating  | D00222-1 & 2, Aug 2021

“I contacted Fullers in respect of Divorce matters as I felt confused and unsure as to my position. I had a free telephone consultation which clarified things for me and reassured me. I instructed Fullers to action matters for me and everything was explained clearly to me and actioned promptly. Now things have completed I feel positive and settled. I would not hesitate to recommend Fullers to anyone through a family or relationship breakdown.”

Google Rating  | C00473-1, Aug 2021

“Fullers assisted me in respect of children matters. It was a very sensitive complicated matter and very uncertain times for me as everything was up in the air. I was given clear advice and my expectations as to the outcome were managed very well by my solicitors. I ended up with much more contact than I had originally thought and Fullers help and guidance made a massive difference to me. I was really happy with the outcome and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others in similar situations.”

W00339-1, Aug 2021

“I contacted Fullers in respect of a separation agreement. It was at a crucial time in my house sale/purchase process when other solicitors had delayed matters and it was looking like the chain may break because of the delays. Until I contacted Fullers I was finding it difficult to find solicitors who would action the agreement at all, let alone in a timely manner. They understood the urgency and everything was actioned quickly for me, taking a lot of the stress out of the situation and meaning things could progress as planned with the house sale/purchase. I was kept updated at all times and now things are all finalised I can move on with my life.”

Google Rating  | W00393-1, Aug 2021

“I was feeling very upset and unsure when I contacted Fullers for the initial free consultation, I was not in a good place. But my mind was put at ease and I was made feel very calm and supported. I opened a file and my Solicitor was really patient with me, explaining everything clearly and supporting me every step of the way. I wouldn’t have got through it without the assistance of Fullers and now matters are finalised I feel relieved. I have recommended Fullers to other people I know going through family issues.”

S00398-1, Aug 2021

“I instructed Fullers in respect of divorce matters as I felt lost and unsure of the next steps and it was a worrying time. It was good to speak to someone who put my mind at ease and gave me peace of mind that they would be assisting me every step of the way. Now my matter is finished I feel a lot better about things and I felt very supported by Fullers throughout.”

Google Rating  | O00093-3, Aug 2021

“I contacted Fullers in respect of a cohabitation dispute as I was feeling overwhelmed and bullied by the other side. My Solicitor listened to my concerns and was very considerate of how I was feeling and what I was going through. I felt she really had my back and fought my corner for me. She helped me get a better settlement than I had originally thought possible which was a real help for me moving on with my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fullers if you are having a relationship breakdown or family issues.”

C00467-1, Aug 2021

“I was very nervous when I contacted Fullers and welcomed the free consultation to find out the options available to me. As a result I paid for a Pay As You Go 1 hour block of advice. I felt very apprehensive but my options were clearly outlined to me and, although the options for my particular matter were limited, it put my mind at ease.”

W00373-1, Aug 2021

“Booking the initial consultation was very straight forward and my options were explained clearly to me. I instructed Fullers in respect of financial matters and at the outset, I was feeling very anxious about my house and the outcome, but now everything is finalised I feel really relieved. I would recommend Fullers to anyone in a similar situation.”

Google Rating  | P00237-1, Jul 2021

“I had put off contacting a legal firm for a while as I wasn’t sure I was ready to action family matters. I had no idea what the process really involved and it made me feel hesitant and quite anxious. You can search online but I had a lot of questions about my particular situation and I needed advice that was tailored to my particular matter. The free consultation was easy to book and was really beneficial. I didn’t feel rushed and was able to discuss different scenarios, which really helped me get clarity on the next steps. My matter has since concluded. Taking the decision to stop putting off dealing with the matter has enabled me now to close that chapter and has given me the freedom to move on and start afresh.”

H00395-1, Jul 2021

“I was feeling emotional and unsure as to the best way forward when I contacted Fullers for advice. Everything was dealt with smoothly and efficiently and now it’s all over with I have drawn a line under it and am moving on with my life. ”

W00353-1, Jul 2021

“When I approached Fullers it was in relation to having a Pre-Nuptial Agreement drawn up. I was anxious as it’s not something I had any knowledge of and I wasn’t sure what would be involved or how complicated it might be. Contacting solicitors can feel daunting but from booking my free consultation to opening a file for the work to be undertaken was easy and everyone I dealt with was very approachable. My solicitor explained everything clearly and our interactions were informal which put me at ease. It made the experience of instructing a solicitor much more human and less stressful.”

Google Rating  | P00276-1, Jul 2021

“When I contacted Fullers it was the start of the pandemic and things were very stressful and uncertain for various reasons so it was a very difficult time to be dealing with divorce and financial matters. Fullers were supportive and efficient from the start and I felt in safe hands. It was really helpful to have a solicitor who listened to me and guided me through the process. She was experienced and encouraged me to take my time and not just think about how the decisions I was making would affect me today, but going forward in my life, which gave me a different perspective. She helped me deal with a difficult situation more calmly and supported me in allowing me sufficient time to make the right decisions for me and my future. I would recommend Fullers to anyone in a similar position.”

Google Rating  | G00216-1, Jul 2021

“I was in a state of despair and unsure of my future when I instructed Fullers. I was very emotional and unclear as to what lay ahead for me. My solicitor helped me navigate the legal process in respect of financial matters and I feel I learned a lot as a result. I am going forward much clearer in respect of my financial position and feeling less emotional and more in control of my future thanks to Fullers.”

Google Rating  | C00418-2, Jul 2021

“I booked in for a free consultation and then paid for a one-off 1-hour block of specific advice in respect of my matter. Beforehand I was feeling concerned and worried as to how best to deal with my matter, but afterwards I felt informed and reassured. Fullers helped me move forward and make decisions for myself in respect of my mediation matter. I am now re-instructing Fullers so I can continue to be advised as to the best way forward in respect of my family matter.”

Google Rating  | R00244-1, Jul 2021

“I made enquiries with Fullers for a free consultation to find out the options available to me. Things were very strained for me at the time and I chose a fixed fee letter option in the hope that would help things. The solicitor dealing with my matter explained everything very clearly, including what the next steps would be if the letter did not achieve what I hoped. All my dealings with Fullers staff, from legal support across the board, were efficient and helpful. Thankfully the letter worked and helped open up communication between myself and my ex-partner so things are now gladly considerably better. I would definitely recommend Fullers and, if things changed for me for any reason, I would come back to Fullers.”

C00460-1, Jul 2021

“I contacted Fullers at a very stressful time in my life. I felt very confused as there was so much conflicting information on the internet and it made me feel anxious. Everyone at Fullers supported me from the very start, taking the worry out of my hands and dealing with everything for me. It all went smoothly and there were no surprises. The service was amazing and all the staff I dealt with were approachable and understanding. Now things are concluded I feel so happy to be starting a new chapter of my life and have nothing but praise for Fullers and my experience with them.”

Google Rating  | M00464-1, Jul 2021

“I approached Fullers having contacted other solicitors who did not make me feel confident or that they would fight my corner, they sounded like they wanted me to accept whatever the ‘norm’ might be. I had severe anxiety and was on the verge of a breakdown with worry about possibly losing half my home and if I could afford to fight for what I needed. I then had a free consultation and I knew these were the solicitors for me. I felt confident straight away that they would fight for me, for what I wanted as the client, and that they would do their best by me, not what was just easy for them to agree to. I felt that I’d be supported and defended, which is exactly what happened. Everything was explained clearly to me and I felt supported every step of the way. I’m very happy with the outcome and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can move on with my life now.”

B00547-1&2, Jul 2021

“I contacted Fullers in respect of a straightforward divorce matter. The fixed fee divorce option was perfect for me and everything was actioned smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. I was kept updated at all times. I would recommend Fullers to anyone seeking a divorce. ”

Google Rating  | J00132-2, Jul 2021

“I was feeling confused and had no idea where I stood or what to do when I contacted Fullers about divorce and finances. Everything was explained easily to me and my matters were dealt with efficiently. Now my matters are concluded I am satisfied with the result and how things were actioned for me. ”

Google Rating  | K00166-1&2, Jul 2021

Our expertise & accreditations

Our highly qualified lawyers are members of Resolution, working to their code of practice, encouraging sensitive and cost-effective solutions that consider the needs of the whole family, including the interest of any children.

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We have offices in Bedford, 59 St Peter's Street, Bedford, MK40 2PR and Northampton, 2 St Giles Terrace, Northampton, NN1 2BN. We also have offices in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk and London.