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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“I was left in shock after my husband had deserted me and I had no idea where he had gone. I had no experience of dealing with solicitors before and had no idea what to expect so I felt like I was left in the dark. Fullers Family Law had very good reviews for dealing with family matters so I contacted them. I had an initial call with a solicitor who put my mind and rest and gave me faith in the firm. I had two different solicitors, one who dealt with my divorce matter and one who dealt with my finances. They were both really good and kept me updated as to the progress of my matter. They also kept me informed as to costs and advised me how I could keep the costs down. The proposals which I put forward were advocated really well by my solicitor and the outcome for me was favourable as I was able to keep my house.”

L189/2, Apr 2020

“After coming to terms with the breakdown of my marriage, I contacted Fullers for them to start divorce proceedings. They were very understanding and sympathetic to my circumstances. My divorce could be undertaken on a fixed fee basis so I knew there would be no further costs and I had certainty from the outset. The service was very reliable and the price reasonable. Now my divorce has been finalised I feel free.”

A178/1, Apr 2020

“After suffering an abusive marriage which had made me depressed and low, I contacted Fullers for them to represent me in divorce proceedings. As the divorce was straightforward most of the communication I had from them was either by letter or phone calls. The solicitor who conducted my matter was very pleasant and if I had any concerns I was always able to contact her and she would put my mind at rest. The divorce was dealt with promptly and I am relieved that I am now able to move on with my life.”

W270/1, Mar 2020

“I contacted Fullers as I needed some legal advice regarding spousal maintenance I had been paying as this needed to be varied and I was unsure of the legalities surrounding this. The meeting was set up efficiently and the advice was extremely helpful and accurate. This enabled me to represent myself at court and obtain a variation of the spousal maintenance order.”

S423/1, Mar 2020

“I contacted Fullers after the breakdown of my relationship as I needed advice regarding the property I owned jointly with my ex-partner. The solicitor who represented me in my matter was very knowledgeable and made me feel secure in the advice that he gave me so I felt I was in safe hands. The matter was dealt with efficiently and the house was transferred to my ex-partner whilst I was released from the mortgage enabling me to move on with my life.”

H359/2, Mar 2020

“I instructed Fullers to draw up a Change of Name Deed for my two children as they had represented us in a family matter in the past so I knew I was in safe hands. They are professional and knowledgeable and everyone I have had dealings with at the firm from the accounts staff to the solicitors have always been pleasant and polite. They are also aware that I am a teacher and can only be contacted after certain hours and have always been very accommodating when communicating with me. Fullers were extremely organised and the documents were drawn up in a timely fashion. I would always recommend them to anyone needing family legal advice.”

Google Rating  | C411/1, Mar 2020

“I contacted Fullers as I needed advice regarding my sons contact with his father as he was late picking him up sometimes and unreliable. I found the initial free telephone consultation extremely helpful as I was given options on what I could do and what possible outcomes I could expect. The advice I was given was very clear and concise. As a short term option, Fullers wrote an amicable and non-confrontational letter to my ex-partner setting out proposals for contact and times to adhere to. Since the letter was sent, things have been much more amicable between myself and my ex-partner and the contact is better. I am happy that Fullers helped me to promote contact for my son with his father.”

C399/1, Mar 2020

“I needed a family law firm who could help me obtain regular contact to my daughters. After an acrimonious break up, my ex-partner began restricting contact with my daughters and swapping weekends making it very difficult to maintain a routine. I found this very frustrating and upsetting. In particular, I wanted to see my daughters for longer in the summer holidays and at Christmas. The solicitor at Fullers was very supportive of my situation and explained the law to me. Arrangements were made through mediation and a Cafcass officer and, with my solicitor’s support, an agreement was put to the court which was agreed by the Judge and a court order made. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I am very happy with the outcome as I can see my daughters regularly. Keeping a routine with a bit of flexibility is in the best interests of all concerned.”

B504/1, Mar 2020

“I contacted Fullers Family Law after my marriage had broken down. I needed solicitors to help formalise the financial agreement between myself and my husband and apply for divorce proceedings. There were also our children to consider too. Although my solicitor advised me that she would apply to the court for me to retain the family home, I decided that it would be best to sell the house to divide the finances to start a fresh life and she supported me with this decision. I was very happy with the way Fullers looked after me whilst I was a client as they were always there on the end of the phone and quick at getting back to me with emails and responses.”

H330/1, Mar 2020

“I instructed Fullers to represent me in obtaining Parental Responsibility for my daughter and to have regular contact with her. I wanted to retain the solicitor who had been working on my case who had moved to Fullers as she knew my case well and I wanted her to continue to work on my matter. My case was then transferred to two other lawyers at Fullers whilst my solicitor was on maternity leave and I was equally impressed with them. They worked very hard and I was always able to contact them. I felt they had my best interests at heart and they always returned my telephone calls and emails. They concluded the case for me and the court ordered I have Parental Responsibility together with regular access and overnight contact also. I am relieved as I am able to maintain a relationship with my daughter and I now have peace of mind because of the court order. I was very impressed with Fullers.”

J112/1, Mar 2020

“After the breakdown of my relationship, I needed advice with regard to where I stood financially as we have a young child together and were not married. I had a meeting with a solicitor at Fullers Family Law. I found this to be very useful as she gave me advice on things I hadn’t thought about and provided me with a strategy which I found very helpful. I intend to instruct them to represent me in this matter as I have confidence in their ability to manage my case.”

M411/1, Mar 2020

“Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and very professional. Put me at ease straight away and explained everything in a language I could understand.”

Google Rating  | L212/1, Mar 2020

“Fullers Family Law represented me in my divorce and financial proceedings following the breakdown of my marriage. I was anxious to keep the family home as I had purchased it before I was married. Fullers did an outstanding job, they were pro-active and efficient. They drew up an order which was approved by the court enabling me to remove my wife’s obligations from the mortgage and allowing me keep the house so I am happy with the outcome.”

W305/2, Mar 2020

“I needed help completing a financial form relating to my divorce proceedings as I was unsure on some of the questions. I contacted Fullers Family Law and had a meeting with a solicitor for this purpose. She was very helpful and “on the ball” as she noticed some mistakes that had been made by the solicitors who had forwarded me the document. She helped me complete the form and put me on the right track.”

Google Rating  | R200/1, Mar 2020

“I contacted Fullers Family Law with regard to a family issue surrounding my grandchildren. Fullers booked us an appointment in a timely fashion and we saw a solicitor to get some advice on the options available to us as grandparents if we were to pursue the matter. They were very efficient and advised us on the law and what our rights would be. Since that meeting, matters have now calmed down but we now feel more informed as to our options should the need arise.”

B519/1, Mar 2020

“After the unfortunate breakdown of my marriage, I contacted Fullers Family Law to represent me in divorce and financial proceedings. They were very sympathetic towards my situation and listened to my concerns. They advised me with regard to the law and what I could expect and conducted my case in a professional manner. The matter is finalised now and the outcome has enabled me to purchase an apartment where I used to live. I am very happy as I have re-united with my friends and family and I am settling very well. I would highly recommend anyone to Fullers!”

Google Rating  | T179/1, Mar 2020

“I contacted Fullers family law as I was unhappy and frustrated with the services provided by my previous solicitor in trying to re-instate contact with my children. I contacted Fullers Family Law and instructed that my case be transferred to them. The lawyer who represented me was exceptional! She was very understanding of my situation, explained the law to me with clarity and was very professional in the way in which she conducted herself. She prepared me for all eventualities. The matter went to court and I was overjoyed as the Judge ordered that contact with my children be re-instated. I am now enjoying spending time with my children again.”

Google Rating  | G173/2, Mar 2020

“I was concerned for the welfare of my children whilst in the company of their father and needed a family law firm to give me advice. I contacted Fullers after reading reviews on their website. The solicitor who represented me was fantastic! She worked extremely hard on the background of my case and represented me at court. She also acted as a mediator between myself and my ex-husband whilst at court and was very supportive. This approach diffused any arguments that could have occurred. She also saved me money by preparing the court documents and mentoring me so I was able to represent myself at the final hearing. I was delighted with the outcome as the Judge ordered that I have full residence of my children. I am relieved the matter has concluded satisfactorily and in the best interests of all concerned.”

Google Rating  | K153/1, Feb 2020

“After my wife and I separated we needed an agreement with regard to the separation of financial assets to be drawn up by a lawyer and formalised through the courts. I contacted Fullers for this purpose. The lawyer who dealt with this matter was excellent. She was proficient and assertive and explained the terms of the agreement to me. This was subsequently approved by the courts and I now have peace of mind that my house can remain within the family so I can move on with my life.”

M368/1, Feb 2020

“I contacted Fullers with regard to the contact arrangements for my children with their mother. Fullers listened to the background of my matter and my concerns. They suggested a letter to be sent to my ex-partner taking into account my proposals and they also made suggestions which were very helpful. The letter was assertive and firm but also very sensitive to the situation. This helped tremendously and the children are now enjoying a relationship with their mother again.”

W320/1, Feb 2020