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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“I contacted Fullers family law as I was unhappy and frustrated with the services provided by my previous solicitor in trying to re-instate contact with my children. I contacted Fullers Family Law and instructed that my case be transferred to them. The lawyer who represented me was exceptional! She was very understanding of my situation, explained the law to me with clarity and was very professional in the way in which she conducted herself. She prepared me for all eventualities. The matter went to court and I was overjoyed as the Judge ordered that contact with my children be re-instated. I am now enjoying spending time with my children again”

Google Rating  | G173/2, Mar 2020

“I was concerned for the welfare of my children whilst in the company of their father and needed a family law firm to give me advice. I contacted Fullers after reading reviews on their website. The solicitor who represented me was fantastic! She worked extremely hard on the background of my case and represented me at court. She also acted as a mediator between myself and my ex-husband whilst at court and was very supportive. This approach diffused any arguments that could have occurred. She also saved me money by preparing the court documents and mentoring me so I was able to represent myself at the final hearing. I was delighted with the outcome as the Judge ordered that I have full residence of my children. I am relieved the matter has concluded satisfactorily and in the best interests of all concerned.”

Google Rating  | K153/1, Feb 2020

“After my wife and I separated we needed an agreement with regard to the separation of financial assets to be drawn up by a lawyer and formalised through the courts. I contacted Fullers for this purpose. The lawyer who dealt with this matter was excellent. She was proficient and assertive and explained the terms of the agreement to me. This was subsequently approved by the courts and I now have peace of mind that my house can remain within the family so I can move on with my life.”

M368/1, Feb 2020

“I contacted Fullers with regard to the contact arrangements for my children with their mother. Fullers listened to the background of my matter and my concerns. They suggested a letter to be sent to my ex-partner taking into account my proposals and they also made suggestions which were very helpful. The letter was assertive and firm but also very sensitive to the situation. This helped tremendously and the children are now enjoying a relationship with their mother again.”

W320/1, Feb 2020

“After the breakdown of my marriage, I contacted Fullers for them to represent me in divorce proceedings. My divorce was relatively straightforward and the solicitor who had conduct of this was efficient and professional. There were no problems with the divorce going through so it was simply a matter of them guiding me through the formalities and procedures which they did without over complicating things. I also instructed them to prepare a Change of Name Deed for me which was prepared promptly and efficiently. I can now move on with my life.”

W248/1, Feb 2020

“Feeling vulnerable as my husband was violent and unfaithful, I contact Fullers for them to represent me in my divorce proceedings. The solicitor who had conduct of my matter was very supportive throughout the process and always returned my calls when I needed advice. She dealt with the divorce promptly and efficiently. Now I am divorced I am relieved as I can re-build a life for myself.”

D202/1, Feb 2020

“I needed help completing a financial form relating to my divorce proceedings as I was unsure of some of the questions. I contacted Fullers Family Law and had a meeting with a solicitor for this purpose. She was very helpful and “on the ball” as she noticed some mistakes that had been made by the solicitors who had forwarded me the document. She helped me complete the form and put me on the right track.”

R200/1, Feb 2020

“I contacted Fullers family Law as I was worried about signing an agreement regarding a financial settlement arising from my divorce and wanted legal advice. I had a personal consultation with Martin and Molly both of whom put me at ease in the meeting and provided me with honest, expert advice. I felt they had my best interests at heart and I left the meeting feeling a lot calmer and now have peace of mind as to where I stand legally.”

H373/1, Feb 2020

“When my ex-partner informed me that she was going to relocate with our son, I needed advice urgently from a solicitor as uprooting him was not in his best interests. I was really worried and concerned for his emotional wellbeing so I asked Fullers Family Law to represent me. The solicitor who dealt with my matter was excellent and she explained everything to me in layman’s terms. She advised me on the law and guided me throughout the whole process. She was very professional when carrying out the background work for my case. The outcome was very successful as the courts agreed that my son could come and live with me so I couldn’t be happier not only for myself but for my son too.”

R196/1, Feb 2020

“After receiving numerous letters from my ex husband’s solicitors with regard to my son, I felt extremely vulnerable and didn’t know what to do so I contacted Fullers Family Law for some advice. The solicitor who dealt with my matter was very supportive. She was good at diffusing the situation with my husband’s solicitors as she was very calm throughout. She was on the end of the phone whenever I needed her and when the matter went to court, she accompanied me and made me feel at ease as I was very nervous. It was these things that helped the most throughout the process as she listened and supported me emotionally too. The court took my son’s wishes and feelings into account and an order was made to reflect this so I am very relieved. Now the matter is finalised I do miss her support but I know I can contact her and instruct her again should the need arise.”

Google Rating  | K132/1, Jan 2020

“Although my divorce was amicable, I needed a solicitor to draw up a document which would be recognised in law and reflected the agreement myself and my ex husband had come to with regard to the separation of the financial assets. I contacted Fullers and the lawyer who represented me was very efficient and pro-active. She drew up an Order which was approved by the court and I am very happy with the outcome as was able to retain the matrimonial home. I feel financially secure now so I can now concentrate on looking forward to the future.”

K147/1, Jan 2020

“After the breakdown of my marriage, matters had come to a stalemate as my wife and I were unable to come to an agreement with regard to the separation of finances. The situation became quite volatile and all communication between us had broken down so I contacted Fullers Family Law for their advice. The solicitor who represented me was very knowledgeable and he was clear and concise in his advice and guidance. He kept me up to date at each step and helped me work through the process to try and achieve the best possible outcome. Now the matter is finalised, I feel a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can get my life back on track.”

F142/1, Jan 2020

“Feeling very stressed whilst going through the turmoil of my marriage breakdown, I contacted Fullers for them to represent me in my divorce proceedings. The solicitor I was appointed was extremely efficient, she listened to what I had to say and she provided me with updates on a regular basis. I am relieved as my divorce is now finalised and I can start to re-build my life.”

D202/1, Jan 2020

“I contacted Fullers as I needed an agreement between myself and my son’s mother to be formalised with regard to contact arrangements. The Solicitor who had conduct of my matter was very engaging and listened to my proposals. She provided me with good advice and was extremely professional. The agreement was approved by the courts and I am very happy with the outcome as I have regular quality time with my son.”

Google Rating  | S427/1, Jan 2020

“After the breakdown of my marriage, I consulted Fullers Family Law for their advice and I found their service to be excellent. Their advice was comprehensive and very professional providing me with an insight into the legalities and procedures relating to divorce. I have decided to leave my divorce until my wife and I have been separated for 2 years. I will continue to use Fullers for these proceedings as I have confidence in their ability to manage my matter following my dealings with them.”

D220/1, Jan 2020

“I instructed Fullers to represent me in my divorce proceedings. My husband and I had already drawn up a separation agreement but I needed this to be enforced through the courts and for Fullers to advise me with regard to the legal implications of this. The solicitor who dealt with my matter was very prompt at responding to my emails and explained the technicalities of the financial documentation. He was polite, friendly and very good overall. The matter concluded satisfactorily and I was extremely happy with the service.”

B459/1, Jan 2020

“We required the professional assistance of a solicitor for our very unusual case. We had a Special Guardianship Order in respect of our two granddaughters and wished to move to Florida where the girls have many friends and where they will obtain special support at school. However, the USA would not allow us entry unless we adopted them so Fullers represented us in the adoption proceedings. The lawyer who dealt with our matter was tremendous. She was very attentive to our case and kept us informed at all stages. The matter went to court and we received an adoption order for both of our grandchildren. We couldn’t be happier and are so relieved. We can now move to Florida and start a new life with the girls.”

Y22/1, Dec 2019

“I had been separated for 4 years and my ex-partner would not release me from the mortgage. Feeling desperate and frustrated I contacted Fullers Family Law for their help. The solicitor who represented me was very supportive. She was also honest in terms of my expectations and I felt she had my best interests at heart. The matter went to court and an order was made for the property to be put on the market for sale. I received my share of the equity which enabled me to obtain a property for myself. I feel as though a black cloud has disappeared and I am so relieved.”

M326/3, Dec 2019

“After the breakdown of my relationship, my ex partner was denying me access to our son which was very distressing. I contacted Fullers for their advice. They were very honest and advised me as to what contact with my child I could expect. They eased the situation and talked me through everything. They also represented me in court and I received a Child Arrangements Order. I am really happy with the outcome as I am now having regular contact with my son again.”

T164/1, Dec 2019

“My case was quite unique as shortly after our marriage my wife deserted me and I had not had contact with her since. Not being able to face doing anything about this for years, my sister finally helped me take the initiative to contact Fullers. The solicitor who dealt with my matter was very understanding. He gave me clear, concise advice on what the courts required and tried his best endeavours to carry out investigative work to trace my wife. The divorce went through and I finally received the certificate confirming this which means I am now divorced. Words cannot express how relieved I am. Fullers took all of the stress out of the situation for me and I now have closure on the matter and can look forward to moving on with my life.”

B457/1, Dec 2019