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Martin Fuller

Martin Fuller
Director & Solicitor

Since my early days as a family lawyer, I have seen time and time again, family law being practiced as a tick box exercise. Clients are all too often denied the supported opportunity to negotiate an acceptable solution to the crisis they are currently facing, creating a poor experience and often an unsatisfactory outcome.

I joined the British Army, Infantry, at the age of 16 years.  On the day I reported for duty, my commanding officer told me that he would break me.  I just smiled at him. Nine months later I fell to the ground, exhausted, laying there in the rain, beaten but not defeated. My comrades picked me up and looked after me.  I am a soldier and a fighter, I never quit. These are the principles I apply to my professional duties as a litigation lawyer, and which are embedded in the ethos of Fullers Family Law.

After leaving the Army my life lacked direction and focus, making poor decisions as I bounced from one situation to another.  It was while I was living on the Isle of Dogs in the heart of London’s East End - trying to make some sense out of my circumstances - that I became interested in criminal law.  I had signed up to a work program, colloquially known as “working for dole”.   They arranged for me to attend an interview as an “outdoor clerk” (post boy) with a local law firm. On 12 February 1988, I began my career in law.

Being dyslexic with no academic experience I initially found it impossible to pass the exams.  After three years at night school, I passed my first exam.  Entering law was a life saver for me, learning how to study, answer legal problems and pass exams was exciting and empowering. Embedding my philosophy that you can have whatever you want in life, if, but only if, you really want it.

Having qualified as a solicitor, I took some time out.  I purchased a 20-year-old camper van and drove to India, exploring Eastern Europe and the Middle East along the way. From India I backpacked to Beijing via Laos and Vietnam.  Traveling independently gave me an opportunity to integrate and learn about different cultures first hand.  The experience was not without complications, being a stranger in another’s land puts you at a distinct disadvantage.  However, I came to understand that wherever you are in the world: it is never the problem; but the solution that counts.  And you must find a solution to every situation because conflict can and will escalate regardless of who is right or wrong.   This solution-based approach has followed me throughout my life and career.'

I founded Fullers Family Law in 2003, to provide client focused support to anyone experiencing relationship breakdown and all that that entails, with the knowledge that I and my team will always deliver unwavering, trustworthy, and unfailing advice and representation to them throughout.

Fullers is successful because we first understand your problem before focusing on the solution. Then and only then do we construct the tactics to achieve the required outcome.  Negotiation is always designed to suit the situation. Negotiation is about persuasion and diplomacy; it is intuitive and contrary to litigation it is always about mutually acceptable solutions. Whilst litigation is always about winning, it can also assist the negotiation process.

As an experienced trial lawyer, negotiator, mediator, and collaborative lawyer, I know how to help clients identify the problem and formulate an effective strategy to achieve their preferred outcome, avoiding the default position of just “meeting in the middle”.  It is this strategic approach to family law that underpins our success making Fullers the family law firm of choice and has seen us grow into one of the largest private family law firms in the country. In addition to managing the direction and growth of the firm, I remain a practicing solicitor, regularly advising on strategy and tactics, selecting the team, formulating strategies, and directing the case to achieve our clients’ objectives.

At Fullers we like to embrace and enhance lateral thinking, as a team we have a wealth of experience in a wide range of private family law situations.  We have collective expertise and experience that covers the straightforward to the complex, including children, domestic abuse, and financial matters up to and including multifaceted high net worth, with multiple business interests, property portfolios etc.

I am very proud that everyone at Fullers is committed to continually improving their expertise to ensure we provide an outstanding bespoke customer service, strategies, and legal advice, to suit your individual requirements which is the very core of our company values.

If you are facing or considering legal action, please contact us for an initial consultation. Whether you opt for a free consultation or one of our fixed price consultations you will not be disappointed. To demonstrate my confidence in Fullers I guarantee you a full refund, no questions asked, should you opt for a paid consultation in respect of negotiation, strategy or conflict management and leave feeling less than satisfied.

To arrange an appointment, please call us direct, or fill in our online form and we will contact you to find the time that works best for you.

"When I instructed Fullers I was uncertain of what to do and where I stood legally. I would definitely recommend Fullers as they gave me the confidence to pause and think. They helped me put together a coherent plan of action together with a negotiation strategy. I was informed of the legal implications relating to my case in a straightforward, clear and ordered manor. I was very satisfied with the service. The conflict management was excellent everything that was said in that meeting was spot on. Meeting with Martin helped put my mind at ease and it was a strategy masterclass."

Simeon Staines - Consultant

"I've worked with Martin on a number of Collaborative Law Matters as Family Consultant since 2012. His professional attitude combined with an approachable demeanour makes him a consistent hit with the clients he represents. Always keeping the fine details of the legal process and the needs of his clients firmly in sight, Martin still manages to work with the entire collaborative team at a personal level. As the legal community as a whole continues its long slow U-Turn from black letter law to more humanistic practice, Martin leaves the pack behind in his entire approach and continues to pull further ahead. Proof beyond all doubt that high quality legal representation can be provided without a club tie and pin striped suit, Martin Fuller should be a client’s first choice in the Bedford/Northants areas."

Johnathan Pease - Director at New Landscape Mediation

"What struck me most about Martin was his focus upon resolution. His advice was focused and his knowledge was superb. The level of contact I had with Martin was reassuring and his support and advice was invaluable."

Jonny Hoyle - Child Permanence and Family Reunification Development Lead @ North Yorkshire County Council

"Martin gives practical and effective advice and always makes time to be available when necessary. He is supportive and encouraging and works hard to think of all possibilities. I felt he was always thinking of my best interests."

Jon Aikman - Consulting Services - Property Projects - Project/ Programme Management, Commercial Mediation

"Martin is a true example of getting what you pay for. I would recommend him to anyone needing a humanitarian approach to family matters. The industry could do with a lot more Martin's!"

Georgina Evans ACIPP ACIPD - Presales Consultant at Natural HR

Client Testimonials

“Fuller's have been marvellous throughout the whole 2.5 years this has taken, right from the beginning when I spoke to Martin while blubbing like an idiot, to Mira finally bringing it to an end. I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved with the case, no question of mine has been too stupid and I have been given the best advice all the time. I already recommend Fuller's to everyone!”

M00522-1-3, May 2024

“I found Fullers Family Law fantastic. From an initial call for a free 30 minute consultation, to a follow up call from Mr Fuller himself, meeting him and Carla and her handling my case, I found them helpful and felt that they cared. They left me feeling empowered to deal with the matter and took the stress away. They did not try and get me to spend more money than was necessary, even suggesting on occasion that it wasn't worth spending money on certain things. When advice was needed urgently it would be done the same day. They were flexible in their approach to meeting with me (face to face or Zoom). They gave me the confidence to stand up to my ex, call her bluff and as a result I received a fair settlement, still out of court. I cannot recommend Fullers Family Law enough. I would have no hesitation in using them again in the future.”

S00641-4, Feb 2024

“I could not thank or recommend Fullers Family Law enough. From my first contact with them they were sympathetic and helpful. Carla and Martin took me from an all time low and empowered me to fight for what was fair. They came up with "out of the box" solutions, gave me a lot of time, good advice, and did not suggest spending money when it was not needed. They really took the stress out of the situation and made me feel like they cared and that I was important, rather than just another client. I would absolutely recommend Fullers Family Law and would not hesitate to use them again in the future. Thank you so much Carla and Martin.”

Google Rating  | S00641-4, Feb 2024

“Had a 1st meeting with Martin Fuller and I would highly recommend if you have to go down this road having an early meeting, it really puts you on the right path. Martin is an experienced solicitor, who cuts through all the irrelevance to get to the heart of the matter. Gave focus and clarity to help me move forward. He is supported by Suzie who is very helpful and gave me detailed options for my next steps. I look forward to working with both in the future.”

Google Rating  | S00666-1, Oct 2023

"Martin has helped me to feel confident about my situation. The guilt I have felt is easing; I am becoming stronger and now have a sense of direction and purpose. I believe I will look back on this experience without regret and satisfied that I have achieved the best possible outcome for myself and my children."


"I was very nervous beforehand as the animosity between my ex-wife and me is palpable. However, Martin soon took charge of the situation and made sure that the focus was put firmly on the child. I felt we made more progress in 2 hours than we had managed in the previous 2 years."


" I found that his wealth of experience and an understanding of people, negotiation and the law, meant that he put me in the strongest position to make the choices I wanted to, in the right way."


"I would recommend Martin Fuller to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever and assure them that they are in safe hands. Within a short time, Martin enabled me to see the situation very clearly which ultimately ensures the safety, security and well-being of my son. Thank you."


Accreditations & Memberships

  • Collaborative Lawyer
  • Mediator
  • Accredited by the Law Society's Family Law Scheme

Established Fullers: Mar 2003

Admitted as Solicitor: 1996

Phone: 01234 343134

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Our highly qualified lawyers are members of Resolution, working to their code of practice, encouraging sensitive and cost-effective solutions that consider the needs of the whole family, including the interest of any children.

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