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Martin Fuller

Martin Fuller
Director & Solicitor

I am a Family Solicitor, Founder, and Director of Fullers Family Law. Over the past 25 years, I have built a career on fixing issues for clients and delivering results, often against the odds when matters seem exceedingly complex, confusing, or hopeless.

I founded the company in 2003, after experiencing an industry in which I saw clients often provided with poor service and value for money, lack of attention to detail, settling for less than could be achieved, and churning out paperwork rather than actually helping people.

This is the reason why I set up Fullers Family Law and why we focus on strategy and our client’s goals, rather than just following the legal process. This means that our clients are provided with tailored legal advice.

In addition to managing the firm, I now specialise in helping resolve complex family issues surrounding divorce, separation, children, finances, and cohabitation. In my view, those going through family issues need someone who is committed to providing excellent representation, with a dedication to helping you achieve your goals.   

Throughout my career I have built a national reputation for being a go-to ‘fixer’, helping clients find a way through complex situations, often ‘thinking outside of the box’ to find solutions that other lawyers may not have found. My skills as a collaborative lawyer and mediator, provide my clients with new options, getting them back on track sooner, alongside helping to save time, money, and additional stress.

I have spent a great number of years studying the art of negotiation, persuasion, and conflict management, amongst other areas. This provides me with greater power in influencing the outcome of situations, often without other parties feeling pressured.

Numerous clients have highlighted that I do not fit into the usual box of being a ‘traditional lawyer’ and I am delighted to have a long list of clients who say that they are thrilled they had me in their corner. I have always looked at the law differently to most family lawyers and I pride myself on being a ‘people person’. I am known for building trusted relationships with my clients as a strategic advisor, leaving no stone unturned in delivering results.

Often, other professionals will refer their clients or contacts to me, as they know I always adopt an empathetic approach to all my client's individual needs. I will listen to your circumstances and goals, then devise a bespoke strategy to achieve the best possible solution, helping you through the steps and over any hurdles.

My years of experience in resolving complex matters means that I understand the emotion and pressures that surround any relationship breakdown. Clients often come to me where there are business interests, multiple properties, significant or unusual assets, complex pensions, inheritance, or international elements.

I also have a vast amount of experience in helping business owners and high-net-worth individuals, where assets range from £1–13 million plus. In these situations, being a master negotiator and tactician has always been crucial in achieving the best possible outcome.

Alongside conflict management, I have a particular specialism in assisting in relationships involving coercive and controlling behaviour. These are often extremely sensitive matters which require a great deal of experience and care.  

My aim is always to resolve family matters without the need for court proceedings. However, there are some situations that may require formal proceedings or even appeals. In the rare event they are needed, I have significant experience in getting my clients the best possible result in court, including at final contested hearings. In addition to this, I have well-established relationships with top Family Barristers and QC’s.

Managing the Firm

As a firm, we are one of the largest, boutique law firms in the country specialising solely in family law.

My passion is to continue building upon our diverse team of colleagues, who are dedicated to providing brighter futures for our clients.

Our team helps resolve a significant number of family law issues every month, with offices across the country. 

Just as I have done, I enjoy seeing my team developing not only their family law knowledge but also a variety of other topics to assist them in mastering negotiation and critical thinking skills.

Along with my team, I continually develop our vision for the firm, and I have always been fiercely passionate about Fullers Family Law being the leading and most innovative practice possible.

Get in Touch

In many situations, people just want to be able to pick up the phone, which is why I have created a variety of approaches to assist clients, including providing a 20-minute initial consultation at no cost, ‘money-back guarantee’ appointments.

I am committed to understanding and potentially settling matters within an initial consultation, even though this is free of charge.

To arrange an appointment, please fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a specific time.

If you feel that you would like some support, or simply would like someone to talk to we are here for you.

Client Testimonials

“I was very nervous beforehand as the animosity between my ex-wife and me is palpable. However, Martin soon took charge of the situation and made sure that the focus was put firmly on the child. I felt we made more progress in 2 hours than we had managed in the previous 2 years.” – O44/1

“Martin has helped me to feel confident about my situation. The guilt I have felt is easing; I am becoming stronger and now have a sense of direction and purpose. -  Mr B of Milton Keynes June 2015

I found that his wealth of experience and an understanding of people, negotiation and the law, meant that he put me in the strongest position to make the choices I wanted to, in the right way.- R88/1

I would recommend Martin Fuller to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever and assure them that they are in safe hands. Within a short time, Martin enabled me to see the situation very clearly which ultimately ensures the safety, security and well-being of my son. Thank you”  

“I was nervous about having a lawyer as I thought lawyers would be old-fashioned, stern and drown me with jargon and legal terms. Martin Fuller could not have been more different!! Martin put me completely at ease. His sensitive approach throughout was invaluable. He made a point of getting to actually know me which made me feel valued, respected and heard. He took things at my pace, always encouraging me and checking I was ok. His calmness spread over me and I never felt hurried. Martin is so approachable even when I didn't understand something. He didn't judge me, just listened. Martin was so helpful and supportive in the meetings which can be quite daunting. I would thoroughly recommend Martin to anyone going down this process." - W101/1

“I would strongly recommend Martin's services to anyone needing a slightly different approach. If you want to go down the traditional route of compromise, frustration and your case dragged through the court system then Martin isn't for you, however if you want win, win and both parties being happy with the outcome then he is definitely your man. . . The results speak for themselves - Thank you Martin you were worth every penny and more!" -Y12

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Collaborative Lawyer
  • Mediator
  • Accredited by the Law Society's Family Law Scheme

Established Fullers: Mar 2003

Admitted as Solicitor: 1996


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