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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“After the breakdown of my marriage, my wife denied me contact with my children. It was a very emotional and stressful time for me so I contacted Fullers for their advice. The lawyer I was allocated provided me with clear instructions and alleviated the stress from me. She brought me down to earth and managed my expectations. Once she had taken control of my matter, she obtained a positive outcome for me by obtaining a Court Order allowing me contact with my children. Ever since, contact has been working very well and I am in a better place now.”

T205/1, May 2021

“After the breakdown of my marriage and my husband returning to Egypt, I contacted Fullers for them to represent me in divorce proceedings. It was quite difficult to communicate with my husband as he was living abroad and not responding to my emails. However, Fullers made the process fuss-free and managed to obtain a divorce on my behalf achieving the desired outcome. I can now move on with my life.”

H363/1, May 2021

“Fullers were the third solicitors I used! I had a very complex case regarding my son as I was concerned about his welfare whilst in the care of his father and my previous solicitors let me down. The first law firm I used was old school and everything was paper based, so it took weeks for correspondence to get to me and the matter was dragging on. The second law firm was recommended to me as an advocate for supporting victims; their communication was very poor and I didn’t know until the day before who was going to represent me in Court! I researched Fullers and their reviews were good, so I instructed them. The lawyer I was allocated was brilliant! She explained everything to me from day one so I was put at ease. She was honest and she prepared me for an outcome that could be unfavourable on my part as well as for a good outcome making it clear what could happen. She selected a Barrister that was perfect for me too. Since instructing Fullers I haven’t had to make mental notes of dates and I have full faith in them. My lawyer chased evidence and has built an extremely good case for me.”

G190/1, May 2021

“Fullers dealt with my divorce for me. Although matters were amicable between my husband and me, I needed a solicitor to deal with the formalities. The solicitor who handled my divorce was very prompt in replying to me and anything I sent to her was dealt with quickly. The divorce went through smoothly so I would recommend them as a family law firm.”

G214/1, May 2021

“Fullers dealt with my divorce and financial proceedings many years ago when a Consent Order was made by the Court. When the family home was in the process of being sold I had some concerns that this was not being dealt with according to the Order made. I contacted Fullers again as they were aware of my case and they wrote a letter to my ex-wife’s Solicitors to obtain clarification. As a result of this letter, the matter has been resolved and the Order has been enforced. The letter Fullers wrote resolved my concerns.”

C457/1, May 2021

“Fullers represented me in divorce and financial proceedings. Although the financial side of the matter took a long time to resolve, it was settled in Court and an agreement was reached. Fullers were professional, courteous, and caring throughout the process and I would recommend them to anyone needing a family lawyer.”

Google Rating  | H304/1, May 2021

“After my relationship breakdown, I contact Fullers as I needed to know my legal rights with regard to my house as I had been locked out even though I was still paying the mortgage. I had a meeting with a solicitor at Fullers and she answered all of my questions and provided me with options, one of which was to write an initial letter to my ex-partner with proposals before going to Court. The meeting has enabled me to have time to reflect on those options and I am now in a better position to negotiate with my ex-partner. Fullers were very knowledgeable and efficient.”

B598/1, May 2021

“My daughter wanted her grandmother’s name as part of her first name, so I contacted Fullers for their advice. The team was very friendly, helpful and allocated me a Solicitor who prepared the Deed Poll for my daughter efficiently and quickly. My daughter is very happy now as she can now start using her new name which associates her with her grandmother.”

B590/1, May 2021

“I contacted Fullers following a relationship breakdown as I needed advice on where I stood financially as we were never married. The solicitor who advised me was amazing. She listened to my concerns and gave fantastic advice which I can now use to help me negotiate with my ex-partner. It was because of her and the supporting team that I would recommend Fullers.”

B591/1, May 2021

“I had concerns regarding the welfare of my daughter when in her mother’s care so was taking care of her for a while. I was worried that this would go against me in Court so sought legal advice from Fullers. I was offered an hour’s meeting and the solicitor who advised me was very efficient and the advice straightforward and easy to understand. This enabled me to represent myself at the Court hearing where I felt I was more informed and could make a good case for myself. ”

B587/1, May 2021

“I would recommend Fullers to anyone needing legal advice in connection with divorce and financial matters. They were prompt in replying to my queries and resolved my matter efficiently and expeditiously. My divorce is all finalised and my finances settled by way of a Consent Order.”

A227/1, May 2021

“My husband and I were struggling to communicate following our separation. Fullers facilitated mediation for us and our mediator was excellent! She helped us to understand what was expected of each of us in terms of our home and co-parenting our children. The first meeting was face-to-face and then lockdown ensued so we had to mediate remotely. At first, I was reluctant to meet remotely, however, the Zoom meetings were no less valuable. She helped us meet halfway in the best interests of both of us and our children and, as a result, we were able to come to an agreement. She is missed now the matter is finalised and not having her there is hard, however, communication is gradually improving between us so I am hopeful.”

B532/1, Apr 2021

“The solicitor who was representing me in my divorce and financial proceedings provided me with a list of mediators. Upon researching this, my initial feeling was that Fullers seemed to be the most family orientated option and looked approachable. I instructed Fullers to facilitate mediation on behalf of my wife and I. Everything was clearly explained and the process enabled us to take time to gather the information needed for each step. Mediation was carried during lockdown so it was frustrating that everything was remote. Nevertheless, this was facilitated very well via Zoom and our mediator was very accommodating with the times meeting after we had put our children to bed. We were finally able to come to an agreement with the aid of mediation avoiding long, protracted, and costly correspondence between solicitors. I am relieved matters have been able to be sorted.”

Google Rating  | B531/1, Apr 2021

“I found myself in a difficult position with the mother of my sons regarding co-parenting them following our divorce so I contacted Fullers for their advice. I had an initial consultation with the Director who was superb and really helpful. He enabled me to understand the law and reassured me that what I was asking for in terms of contact was not unreasonable. I was advised that a letter be sent to my ex-wife initially. The solicitor I was allocated for this purpose was also excellent and she drafted a letter which I could send as a last resort to give me some traction if I felt this was necessary. I did not need to send the letter as we are in the process of mediating but Fullers advice has really helped as I am more confident as to where I stand.”

M445/1, Apr 2021

“I instructed Fullers to represent me in my divorce proceedings. Although the divorce was amicable, I needed help in understanding the legal jargon and the formalities necessary to obtain a divorce. My solicitor was very informative and she interpreted the documents so I could understand them while advising me of the procedures so I was always aware of the next steps. Fullers were very good value for money, and I was grateful for their service.”

L220/1, Apr 2021

“Following the breakdown of my marriage I needed some advice about the financial implications of a divorce. Fullers were recommended to me by my accountant. Nothing was agreed initially between myself and my husband as to how we were going to split the finances and, because of the procrastination from the other party, matters dragged on a bit. However, I cannot fault the solicitors at Fullers, they kept the stress of the situation to a minimum and always asked me whether or not I wanted them to chase matters so I felt they let me drive things as I wanted. I am relieved the divorce has now been finalised.”

I38/1 & 2, Apr 2021

“Following the separation from my husband, I contacted Fullers for some advice on what steps should be taken moving forward. I was really upset at the time as although things were amicable, it was still an emotional time. The solicitor I had a meeting with was brilliant! She was very professional, really listened to me and gave me time to speak while providing me with sound legal advice. After speaking to her I felt more knowledgeable as to where I stood legally which in turn has reassured me and given me confidence to act upon her advice to secure my future financially.”

W344/1, Mar 2021

“I was in a really bad place when I contacted Fullers as my wife had stopped me from seeing my children after our marriage had broken down. Once Fullers were on board and they had started the legal process, contact was reinstated with my children. Fullers were very supportive throughout the case and always responded quickly to my queries. My solicitor gave 100% to my case.”

L196/1, Mar 2021

“After the breakdown of my marriage, I instructed Fullers Family Law to represent me in my divorce and financial proceedings. I was quite anxious that matters should remain as amicable as possible. Fullers handled my affairs in an efficient and professional manner which enabled matters to settle amicably resulting in a Court Order which reflected the agreement between myself and my ex-wife.”

J130/1, Mar 2021

“Following the breakdown of my marriage I needed some initial advice regarding the process and next steps for divorce and financial proceedings so I contacted Fullers. As everything was agreed between myself and my wife, it was just a case of formalising our agreement. My solicitor was always contactable and responded quickly and professionally in straightforward language to any queries I had. It made the process so much easier using the expertise of a solicitor to handle the divorce and settlement for me and I am glad that everything is now finalised.”

G204/3, Mar 2021

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