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What our clients have to say about Fullers Family Law.

“After realising that my marriage was at an end and anticipating a few problems with obtaining a divorce, I contacted Fullers for them to represent me in divorce proceedings. The solicitor who I was allocated made the matter seem very straightforward and stress free. He was excellent and I would give him 101% for his conduct of the matter as he made me feel at ease and felt he was on my side. Now my divorce is over I can relax and move on with my life.”

A190/1, Dec 2019

“After myself and my wife had separated we needed help sorting out the financial implications which arose from our separation and what might suit ours and our children’s needs. We took advantage of Fullers mediation service and had a meeting with their mediator. She was very measured and considerate to both of us and was very balanced in her advice. We had two meetings with her which resulted in an agreement being drawn up between us. I was extremely happy with the service as it took the pressure off of both of us and kept the matter amicable.”

Google Rating  | S406/1, Dec 2019

“After being in an abusive marriage and feeling vulnerable with a child, I contacted Fullers for them to arrange divorce proceedings. It was not a straightforward divorce as my husband had no fixed abode and it was difficult to trace him to serve the divorce papers. The solicitor who had conduct of my matter remained calm at all times and he was always available for me to contact. He was also very sensitive to the nature of the case which made me feel like I wasn’t being a burden. My divorce has now gone through and I feel relieved and can move on to the next chapter of my life.”

F143/1, Dec 2019

“After my wife and I had separated I needed a solicitor to help draw up the legalities of a divorce. Although things were amicable, we needed the formalities of our agreement to be recorded and sealed by the court. I instructed Fullers to represent me in this regard and the solicitor who had conduct of my matter was very professional and efficient keeping me informed of each step along the way. Matters have now concluded and I received a favourable outcome and I would like to thank Fullers for all of their help.”

L180/2, Dec 2019

“After the breakdown of my marriage I contacted Fullers to represent me in my family matter. I was more concerned for my children with the uncertainty of the contact arrangements and was worried they could be removed from the country. Fullers provided me with good quality advice and explained the legal terminology in layman’s terms for me to understand. They managed my expectations so I would have enough knowledge of the potential outcomes if the matter were to go to court. Fortunately the matter was resolved with my solicitors guidance and myself and my ex-husband agreed on a settlement. Matters have now calmed down and I am content with the knowledge that my children are happy and safe and we can now move on with our lives. ”

Google Rating  | C345/3, Dec 2019

“After separating from my husband we had agreed to a financial settlement but I needed to formalise this and ensure that it was binding. I instructed Fullers to prepare the document for me. The solicitor gave me advice on what was agreed and was attentive to what I had asked for. She listened to what I wanted her to put in the agreement and respected my decision. I was happy with the outcome as my husband is now providing support payments for the upkeep of our dog and I have received a lump sum which has enabled me to be financially independent.”

Google Rating  | H341/2, Dec 2019

“It was a really bad time in my life after the breakdown of my marriage as the matter became very acrimonious. I was suffering from harassment and abuse and I didn’t know which way to turn. I contacted Fullers for a free telephone consultation and the solicitor I spoke to was very reassuring. She advised me that under the circumstances, we couldn’t just send a letter and approach the matter softly as I needed protecting. I felt she looked after me throughout the process and was really clued up on the law. She attended court for me and obtained a Non Molestation Order which, in hindsight, was the right path to take. I now feel safe as matters have calmed down.”

I37/1, Dec 2019

“After the breakdown of my marriage, I was anxious with regard to the financial implications of a divorce and being able to have sufficient funds from the property to be able to re-house myself and my son. I instructed Fullers to represent me in my matter. The solicitor who dealt with my matter was excellent! She made a stressful situation a lot easier for me. When I did not know which way to turn, she directed me and provided me with potential outcomes of different scenarios so I could make an informed decision. I was totally ignorant of the process but my solicitor gave me confidence which made me feel in control of the situation.”

G107/2, Dec 2019

“Even though my divorce was fairly straightforward, it was a really stressful time for me. Fullers guided me through the process by providing expert advice and keeping me up to date with timeframes and deadlines. As they were so professional, I have peace of mind that my divorce was dealt with in the best possible way under the circumstances.

C371/1, Dec 2019

“Although matters were amicable between myself and my ex wife, I needed a law firm to represent me at court and support me through any challenges that may arise along the way in order to obtain shared residence of my children. A top law firm in London recommended a solicitor at Fullers to take on my case for me. I felt very confident with my solicitor from the start as she was quick to respond to my emails and supported me through the process to deliver the results. The Judge ordered that myself and my ex wife have shared care of our children which is in the best interests of all concerned.”

Google Rating  | C386/1, Nov 2019

“After the breakdown of my marriage and feeling vulnerable with having to deal with the intolerable atmosphere at home, I contacted Fullers for their help. I was really impressed with them from the outset and after having a telephone consultation, I felt like I was in safe hands. The solicitor who I was allocated was very efficient. He wrote a letter to my ex husband which really helped as things have calmed down at home and matters seem to have resolved.”

M395/1, Nov 2019

“Having had false allegations made against me, which was upsetting and frustrating, my ex-partner was denying me access to my daughter. I contacted Fullers who suggested they write a letter to my ex partner. They listened to me and asked me what proposals for contact I would like them to put in the letter but recommended changes without dictating. This made me feel in control of the situation. As I was so impressed with Fullers, I am also considering instructing them to represent me in court.”

M380/1, Nov 2019

“After losing faith with my previous solicitors as they were not giving me any guidance and direction and also missed important deadlines, I instructed Fullers to represent me in relation to my son’s contact with his father. It was such a relief, as I felt confident in them. They were pro-active in that every letter and email from my ex partner’s solicitors was replied to quickly without delays. They managed my expectations and provided me with probable outcomes in relation to the courts decision. I was very impressed with the two lawyers who dealt with my matter as they gave me guidance and advice so I could make informed decisions as to how I wanted the case to proceed. This enabled me to feel in control of the situation. The outcome was a fair contact order. I would recommend Fullers to anyone needing a family law firm.”

K148/2, Nov 2019

“Fullers saw me through a tricky situation following the breakdown of my marriage. My main concern was keeping a roof over my children’s head and retaining my home. The lawyer who dealt with my matter was extremely efficient and robust and as a result, a clean break order was made which I am very happy with as I am able to keep my home and be financially independent.”

Google Rating  | L158/4, Nov 2019

“Fullers conducted my divorce and financial settlement for me following the breakdown of my marriage. After a difficult marriage breakdown and having to deal with the emotional journey associated with divorce, I was guided by Fullers who took the emotion out of the situation and provided logical and factual advice in terms of possible outcomes the courts could order. I was pleased with the compromise my solicitor managed to obtain for me and am relieved and happy the matter has been finalised.”

C364/2, Nov 2019

“During a very emotional and upsetting time after the breakdown of my marriage, I contacted Fullers for their advice. My divorce and financial matters were handled by a very competent lawyer who not only provided me with good advice and communication but was compassionate too. I cannot fault them as the process was professional without being too clinical.”

Google Rating  | M364/2, Nov 2019

“I was only being allowed limited time with my daughter following the breakdown of my relationship with her mother. I felt sad and frustrated as I wasn’t able to bond with her properly in the restricted time I was given so I asked Fullers to represent me in this matter. The solicitor who had conduct of my matter was very knowledgeable in the law relating to children which was very reassuring but was also a pillar of support at such an emotional time. He had my best interests at heart and was caring and empathetic. I obtained a court order that put a schedule in place for progression of contact with my daughter allowing me to build a relationship with her. I cannot thank Fullers enough. ”

Google Rating  | B471/2, Nov 2019

“My husband and I were struggling to agree to the division of the finances following the breakdown of our marriage so we contacted Fullers who offer a mediation service. The service was efficient from the outset with a mutually convenient appointment being set up for us. The mediator was extremely professional and impartial and assisted us in coming to an agreement with regards to the division of assets. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without her help.”

M376/1, Nov 2019

“Anxious and worried, I instructed Fullers to represent me in my family matter as my ex-partner was trying to gain custody of one of my sons and I was concerned that my two boys would be separated. The solicitor who dealt with my matter was always available to speak and called me back whenever I left message. When there was an issue regarding court representation, she managed to obtain a replacement Barrister promptly. I was very happy and relieved with the judgement that my son remains residing with me whilst having regular contact with his father which is in the best interest of all parties involved.”

B468/2, Oct 2019

“Feeling desperate as I was being denied access to my daughter, I contacted Fullers for their help. The solicitor I was allocated was honest in the advice she gave me and put me at ease. I found her to be very competent with regards to the law and she put forward a good case for court. The outcome was that the Judge ordered access to my daughter be reinstated and I am now enjoying spending time with her again.”

Google Rating  | H339/1, Oct 2019